[REVIEW] Milani : Crytal Gloss for Lips - #02A Diamond Pearls*

Milani is not a new brand for me. I already read a lot of review of their products, and since long time ago I was think to get their Rose Powder Blush and Illuminating Face Powder because of that cute flower design, but because the design is too cute until now I haven’t bought cause I’m not sure that I will use it. Few weeks ago, I got two Milani products from @makeuppucino as a gift for joining their giveaway (click here) *if you live in Indonesia and like USA drugstore products you must check this shop because they have ready stock items and the price is one of the cheap among other also they have good service*. 

Now I will talk about Milani Crystal Gloss for Lips in shade Diamond Pearls, this will be a short review.

Available in more than 10 shades with price around  5USD. This glosses come in mini tube sealed with plastic, the appplicator is in sponge tip with sponge tip, the packaging is quit
e plain in my opinion, but it easy to carry anywhere. The texture is not too thick and not too thin and not really sticky, so don’t worry it won’t make your hair stuck to your lips like my Sigma Lip Vex do (review here). It’s smell like vanilla, but this smell will disappear after few minutes applied.

This lip gloss feel really good on my lips also it’s moisturizing enough.  I got shade Diamond Pearls which is a clear gloss with white glitter.

Most of the time I always use it on top of my lipstick. My tips is if you like to do same methode with me, don't directly apply from applicator because it will leave stain on applicator and hard to clean. It's better to tap tap it using your finger or use different brush.

This lipgloss is already discontinued, but you still can find them on ebay, amazon, or other online stores. I was found one online shop and they sell it for $1 only !

Thank you for reading !

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  1. Looks pretty!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Oh, this looks lovely! I really like the finish that it gives ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Wow $1 :D such a good price~ i really hate sticky lipglosses so im glad this one isnt sticky... i dont know why companies even sell sticky lipglosses!

  4. This is pretty! Sexy but not too much ;)
    I like this color héhé

    I'm a new reader here :3
    Maybe we can follow each other!
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/


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