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Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens

Several times I told myself not to make a single blog post if I haven't type at least 5 page for my thesis. But, no la I can't do it not sure why I'm so lazy to finish my thesis. So here is another contact lenses review again. As usual these contact lenses I got from klenspop and I received it 2 weeks ago. The packaged arrived less than 2 weeks in a padded envelope (yeah finally I know what the name of it).

klenspop packaging

Did you know why I post this one first? Because so far I never feel good wearing blue contact lenses (yes I'm the type of save the best for last!). But this time I was wrong, I think the result looks quite good on me. Read more to see!

In that padded envelope there are two box of two pair contact lenses wrapped with bubble wrap. What's different this time is the contact lenses box is smaller the size is like a lipstick box and the design is the most cute so far. As I said I got two pair of contact lenses, which the one I will review in this post is stated in post title, Bunny 3Color Blue (these lenses is currently on sale less than $8 only!). The other one review will be up by next week or the next two weeks. 

Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens

Manufacturer : LENSPOP
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.30 mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 6 Month
Country of Origin :Korea
Price : $18
Includes 1 pair of circle lenses with bonus case and tweezer.
*available in minus power range*

This time I didn't get lens case and tweezer just like before. Maybe because of the circle lens box is small or they are no longer sell it with lens case and tweezer even it stated on their website it's included. Maybe currently they are run out of lens case and tweezer stock? I hope they still sell it with lens case and tweezer. 

Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens
Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens

Glass vials design is same like Bunny 3 Color Gray which I reviewed almost one year ago. Color of inside and outside part is almost same so I didn't took picture of each side. 

Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens

These lenses design is a stroke, at outer part color is light-gray-pretty-close-to-black, dark blue and yellow in middle area. Design is same like Bunny 3 Color Gray (of course la they are from same series, the only different is only between the main color dark blue and light gray) which you can see below. 

Bunny 3 Color Blue, Bunnyu 3 Color Gray

The strokes pattern help the lenses to make it looks more blend with your natural eye color. These lenses is not give enlargement effects but it can perfectly change your eyes color. I never wearing them to campus because of how vibrant these lenses. This how the lens looks on my dark brown eyes as you see these perfectly cover my original eye color

Unlike the gray one these lenses is comfortable since I try to put on my eyes since first time. These still comfortable even after 6 hours, but as I often mentioned since these contact lenses can be used for 6 months it's better not to wear it for a long time in a day. If you want to wear contact lenses in a long time in a day it's better you wearing daily contact lenses. 
COLOR : 4/5
DESIGN : 5/5
COMFORT : 4.5/5

Overall, I like how these contact lenses blend perfectly and cover my dark brown eyes. I bet these will look more natural if your original eyes color is blue or gray. 

These lenses will be more stunning if paired with more intense eye makeup but I can't make intense eye makeup. So here is me with my usual make up, love my lips color it's mix of 3 lipstick.
Bunny 3 Color Blue Lens

I'm always take selfie under super bright natural sun lighting that's why my skin color looks fair because if I take picture in low lighting the picture result alway blur *sad*. Told you many time it's hard for me to understand photoshop (^^;). 

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Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this review!

Dis :
"This product was sent to me by KLENSPOP for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. bgus warnanya , sayang diameternya g begitu gede ^^

    1. Iya sih ya, biar kesan cute nya dapet gitu :D

  2. Wow you look so beautiful! I used to use contact lenses a while back, but I'd like to try this brand!

  3. Thanks for explaining how these contacts arrive. They make your eyes look so natural

  4. I don't really use contact lenses unless they were prescribed, but I assume it's very "in" with kids these days. The colors are nice and it's really attractive.

  5. I like it! I like wearing contact lens too for fashion reasons. I like the blue one.

  6. I want to try this, I want a pink one if there is. I think wearing fashionable contact lens is cool.

  7. The color is so beautiful! This looks amazing on you :) I'm going to have to go check them out.

  8. Awww! Your eyes really turned out beautiful. I am afraid of using contact lens. This is perfect for people who is looking for new contact lens.

  9. I love their new box packaging. You look very beautiful with the blue lenses ^.^

    1. Thankyou so much Nicole for your compliment ^,^

  10. Oh this product isn't for me! I can't touch my eyes without freaking out! lol

  11. Eh, malah salah fokus sama kotaknya si softlens karena cuper cute :D

    Hai Indira, aku juga nominasiin kamu di liebster award. Cek disini ya (maafkan naroh link ini)


  12. aww the packaging looks really nice, and super cute!!!

    would you like to follow each other on google friend connect and google plus? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it. ^^

  13. Up close i thought it looked like a weird blue colour but when you see it when looking at the whole face it actually looks okay and even looks like it's grey :P It suits you quite well, thanks for the review :)


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