Contact Lenses : Ellen 3Color Gray*

Hi all! It’s me Indira and welcome (back) to my blog.

As I promised last week, today I have review of circle lenses which sent to me by klenspop. The shipping took less than 2 weeks and these contact lenses arrived together with Bunny 3Color Blue in a padded envelope.

Manufacturer : LENSPOP
Diameter : 14 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.70 mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 6 Month
Country of Origin :Korea
Price : $18
Includes 1 pair of circle lenses with bonus case and tweezer.
*available in minus power range*

The contact lenses box size is smaller but the design is more cute than before. Inside the box is one pair of circle lenses without lens case and tweezer. 

These circle lenses comes in glass vials. Glass vials design is really same like Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet & PM 12 Blue and information is full with hangeul, no english at all *cry*. but just snap it and use google translate to help translate it, problem solved!

These lenses design is have thin dark gray ring at outer part in the center part is yellowish gold with black dots so these leses didn't look too flat. Inside and outside part color is not so different.

Lenses design is showed up and covered my dark brown eyes perfectly. In my opinion lenses design doesn't look too much to wear it at day or night too, balance it with eyeliner so the lenses not standout too much. I can't say these lenses looks so natural since I live in country where most of people is have dark brown eyes. On my eyes these lenses didn't give enlargement effect at all, I think it would be great for people with gray eyes color to emphasize it.

Talk about comfort, these lenses is quite comfortable since the first time I try wearing them and it feels like I wear nothing. So far I'm wearing these for about 7 hours and didn't feel it drying. 

COLOR : 4/5
DESIGN : 5/5
COMFORT : 4.5/5

Overall, based on my experience during using these I really recommend these because the most important aspect of circle lenses which is comfort is fulfilled. If you have dark brown eyes and bored with it because it looks flat, try this one. These pair is currently on sale for $7.20 only and more lenses also on discount!

Enter WDK6RW1D to get 10% discount

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this review!

Dis :
"This product was sent to me for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. bner bgt, yg ini nyaman dr pertma kali pake ^^

  2. These make your eyes look pretty. That is a good price for contacts too.

  3. aaaaaaaahk.. pattern nya cakep banget yaoooowoh lens ini indira^^ sekilas sexy cat gitu yaaa?? kekekekek..

  4. Omg, the amazing price and comfort is hard to beat! I think these look more green than grey though, but you pull it off regardless. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Hi Nicole.
      I just noticed after read your comment, the yellow color in pattern looks more into green when I wear it ^^

  5. You look so beautiful with those contacts, i'll probably try them out too in the future!

  6. Good to know that you're comfy with the lenses! I don't really wear contact lenses for style but it's nice to know which ones are good and which ones aren't.

  7. Hai ka Indira, aku ngetag dirimu di Liebster Award hehehe

  8. Amazing post, I love it, might try the lenses soon, thank you for sharing, you look absolutely gorgeous!!!


  9. This is such a beautiful color! I want to try some blue contacts. My eyes go between blue, green and gray.

  10. I love the color. It looks nice on you.

  11. cantik warnanyaaaa. :D bagus bgt

  12. Hi Indira, ini cakep banget warnanya di kamu, natural dan so tempting :)


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