[REVIEW] Kracie Naive - Facial Cleansing Foam : Green Tea

Hello guys!!!

Remember my last review about face wash last month, actually when I post the review the product almost finished. So I bought this one, cause I never saw this before. You may wonder why I like to try something new, it's because I haven't found something that I feel perfect for my skin, especially for face wash.

Naive Facial Cleansing Foam Green Tea by Kracie

 "Naive face wash is formulated with 100% plant based washing ingredients and selected botanical essences." from web

The tube is printed with Japanese and English info, but it covered with stickers printed with explanation in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

パラベンフリー is, Paraben Free 無鉱物油 is, No Mineral Oil アルコールフリー is, Alcohol Free 洗う成分100%植物素材 is, Face wash ingredients are 100% made from plants based material.*
The rest already translated (see left picture).

 Clean dirt and dead skin on face, with green tea extract which helps to control oil and tightening pores, Amino Plus helps to moisture face and treat skin from dryness.

110 g

Price & Where to buy:
41.XXX - Watsons
47.XXX - Guardian


How to use:
Take an appropriate amount about 2cm on a palm and create foam with cold water or luke-warm water. Clenase face and rinse thoroughly. 

I bought this because I never saw this before, kinda curious. I just found this variant, later I know [from here] this is available in 4 variants: Green Tea for Oily Skin, Aloe Vera for Normal Skin, Peach, Pomegranate. I love how this product not made my cheek dry, most of other face wash for oily skin always made my cheek dry. I often do this mistake *without realize*, bought face wash which is not match with my skin condition  ( ;∀;)

The first 3 days when I use this, I saw many pimple on my forehead. I thought it will disappear soon. But I continue use this until 3 weeks, the pimples is not reduced. The sad fact is pimple on my face increased around cheek, and chin. Though I really like the texture it is so smooth, but since it cause breakout so I must stop using this. I never had bad experience for pimples before, even I bought product which not match my skin condition.

Overall, I like the smell it's so soft not an annoying one and the texture is so smooth beside that it's oil free, paraben free, made from natural ingredients. However I won't purchase for combination skin because I was read some article that many people have allergy with plants, and I think I'm one of them. My face before never get the worst breakout like after I use this. This product may works for people who dnt have allergy with plants material. 

Thank you for reading.
See you on next post (≧▽≦)


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 * I tried my best to translate, though I'm learning japanese but since I'm not native speaker the translation may be a bit wrong so If you know the right translation I'll be very happy if you correct my mistakes.


  1. Sounds great!

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  2. It sounds like a great product! Too bad it causes break outs OTL

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  3. It used to happen to me too to buy things that did not match my skin type, in fact green tea is for oily face and i'd have bought that, but my skin is sooooo dryyyyy, that'd have just worse the problem.
    I'm ctually waiting for a clenaser similar to that one, but chocolate one :D

  4. Wow! Love it!
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  5. I love skincare product that has green tea in it! hehe...idk I just love how it smells ♥

  6. Looks like a really lovely product! Thanks for sharing <3

    Anyway, i am inviting you to join my giveaway here

  7. Haven't tries this yet, but it looks cool.. Thanks for sharing your review <3


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