[FIRST IMPRESSION] b·liv - off with those heads*

Hello ☆

I'm back with recently popular product in indonesian beauty blogger circle.

This product will helps you to remove those blackheads. First time I received this sample size which contain 3ml gel, at first I thought it will only last for 3 time usage. 

Guess I was wrong I already use this one more than 10 times. And yes this works good as it claims even I not regularly use this, because sometimes I forget and most of time because when arrived at home I just want to sleep. I can see that blackheads on my nose decreased.  Well, not all since everything need process. Sorry I don't have photo before and after after tried this sample size cause I was think it won't work that good on me. It gonna be useless if I only upload the after nose condition, right? (・∪・)

Because I think this one is so good so I join their photo contest to show how I remove my blackheads in funny way. The prize is 1 bottle of b·liv off with those heads (full size) which is the price is quite expensive for me, it is $49.
And you know what? I won, so I'll make review for this product later.

Sorry for lack of posting in this week, I have mid term exam until next week. Is not that I'm diligently learning everything I'm still that lazy girl lol, it is because I have lots of assignments and got new job.

Thank you for reading \(^o^)/


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  1. jajaja, really loved the photo. Congrats!

  2. I can't wit for that review, sounds like a nice product :D
    By the way, the pics are just so funny

  3. oh, i got a few samples from them but i've yet to try them out! will try out soon!

  4. Aww I hate black heads! Thanks for sharing this amazing product :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥


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