[TOOLS] Armando Caruso - #B505 Travel Essential Brush Set

Hey ☆

Do you realize brush also have an important role for your make up? It can make your face so flawless! I have other sets from different brand before. But I'm just a normal girl, who can easily fall for discount, cute things, and other stupid reason. LOL

So in this early month I just found @ayoubeauty web had discount up to 50% for Armando Caruso brush sets! Can you resist it? Never tried Armando Caruso brush before, just read other blog post. They said you can easily find this brush in department store such as Matahari *if I'm not wrong*, it's been long time I don't go to Matahari I think it's more than 3 years. In other words I never see Armando Caruso counter in real before.

I just bought 2 sets of brush, and I only pay for 100.500 IDR for it. What a great deal?
Now I will talk about this first:

Armando Caruso Milan - #B505 Travel Essential Brush Set


38.000 IDR *after discount*

It consist 5 brushes and 1 pouch
• Foundation Brush
• Concealer Brush
• Brow / Lash Brush + Comb
• Lip Brush
• Eyeshadow Applicator

The bristles are made from synthetic

The handle come in black color, it is so elegant in my opinion ^_^

Overall, this brush is really soft  Material of bristles are made from synthetic, so it suits everyone since it won't cause allergy. Currently I'm using this brushes for every day before I go to college.

Thank you for reading ^_^


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  1. wah jd affordable harganya :D hihi
    nice review :3

    1. Sebelum diskon juga udah affordable bangey, ga sampai 50ribu :D

  2. Looks like a great set!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. Oh these look lovely! Wonderful review. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. Nice review.. These r pretty basic brushes.. I cannot apply e/s with this one.. :P

  5. Lovely set of Brushes! Synthetic brush is something I prefer as well!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!
    SAP on Facebook

  6. Haha tell me about discounts and sales I'm always sucked into those marketing tactics :p these brushes look great, and not going to complain if they do the trick :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  7. This brush set looks fantastic! Im now using a bobbi brown one that I love!



  8. I'm using a zoeva brush!.love the softness

  9. easily fall for discount, cute things, and other stupid reason..... kok gue banget huahuahua :'(. softnya worth lah buat 38 rebu hihi. nice post. gigLove
    @freddy_friday blog

  10. Looks like an good starter set.I prefer a eyeshadow brush over a sponge applicator though. My favourite brushes have to be Sigma brushes not the cheapest though

  11. Those brushes look lovely. I've never heard of the brand before.

  12. This set looks adorable and I love travel friendly brushes, too. I use Real Techniques ones and absolutely love them!

    xx Donah

  13. wow I love the packaging and it's really convenient to carry around! :D

  14. The brush set is really perfect for travelling, small and travel friendly =) Nice!

  15. love how it contains all of the basic brushes you need :)

  16. These brushes look great and are pocket friendly, too. Nicely reviewed dear :)

  17. What a convenient package. But i am currently seeking for like 18 to 24 pcs. Any recommendations? Giglove

  18. i love these! i'm plalning to get the zoya ones tho . hehe nicely reviews :D

  19. That brush set looks like it has everything you need! xoxo giglove

  20. Wah tadinya aku pengen beli ini juga, tapi setelah aku pikir2 lagi ini agak mirip sama brush set-ku yang Hello Kitty isinya hehehe Ada spons-nya itu lho aku nggak suka :/

    But it was a great bargain, eh? :D

    1. Aku juga punya yg hello kitty itu >_<
      Penasaran sama kualitasnya jd beli yg murah dulu :D

  21. Lovely, aku juga suka sama Armando Carusso brushes. Tp sekarang ini dia agak susah kalau kamu cari di Matahari. Mungkin Matahari yang ada di mall terkemuka sepertinya.

  22. These look great! I just bought a new set of travel brushes from Sephora that I'm enjoying. <3 GIGLove


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