What I Wear to Campus

Hello people ☆

I will share about what products I use for my face every day for college life, just a simple one so you won't found eyeshadow cause I think it is too much for my college activity. I will start it step from step, check out :

I put every products in this box. So I won't mess up my drawer when I'm in hurry cause I wake up late.

This product inside is product I recently use:
Did I say it's just a simple one, so you won't find lipstick, eyeshadow, blush on and etc (・∪・)

1. Clean & Clear : Essentials Oil-Control Toner [review here]*
Always use this after clean my face, use it for my face and neck area. It's my...I don't remember how many bottles I already used this. I really love how this helps me reduced oil, especially in T area.

2. Skin Aqua : UV Moisture Milk SPF50PA [review here]*
I live in tropical country. I never touch snow before (´△`)
Only have 2 season, and summer is always so loooong. But somehow I'm glad so I don't need to change my skincare every season, I read people who live in 4 season country always change their skincare products every season. I really love how lightweight the texture of it and it's really easy to use.

3. Garnier - Pinkish Radiance Whitening Cream UVA/UVB Filters [review soon]
 It's said as whitening cream but I use this for my moisturizer cause I have combination skin, glad it prevents my cheeks for looking dry.

4. Skin Aqua : BB Cream SPF 27 PA+++ - Perfect Matte [review soon]
 BB Cream have so many benefits it's more lightweight than foundation, I prefer use BB Cream for daily. Already tried many BB Cream from different brands before, and recently I use this BB Cream from Skin Aqua for 3 days wait for my review (≧▽≦)

5.  Maybelline : White Superfresh SPF 34 PA+++ [review here]*
 This product claims can hold oil for 12 hours. Well for me it's not 12 hours, only 4 - 6 hours but after that my face produce oil but not look really gross.

6. Silkygirl : Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara [review here]
I have super thin eyelashes, this mascara is good for my college day cause the result make my eywlashes more visible but still natural.

7. Silkygirl : Moisture Lip Gloss - #16 Rossy Pink [review soon]* - or Jar of Beauty : Tinted Lipbalm - Red Butter Cookies [review here]

This 2 are the recently lip product I use for college days, but mostly using Silkygirl. Lipbalm or Lipgloss is a must for me, so my lips not look so chapped (T ^ T)

That's all product I use before go to college. What's yours? Tell me (≧∇≦)b

See you on my next post (o^∀^o)

*is product I won't skip even I wake up super late


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  1. Love ur routine...n I use that toner too!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. It's so nice to know what other people use on daily! Your daily routine seems very good! I dont have a daily routine yet ^-^'

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  3. wow how many products in this box..
    i'm a new follower(ColorBlock) follow me back if you want

  4. fotonya bagus banget, baru mampir nih di blog kamu.
    Liat skincare dan makeup rutinitas kamu langsung nyosor masuk ke review page huehhehe

    oiya, aku follow blog kamu~ followback yaa hhii

    1. Foto blog km juga bagus2 :)
      Udah aku folback ya blognya ^^

  5. Love your morning routine, clean and simple, and omg, love the box you used, it looked so cute, I thoght this was a monthly box post, but no :DD

  6. Good routine! :)
    by the way, I changed my blog!
    follow me here -> http://yukimitsuki.blogspot.com.es/
    Thanks! ^///^u

  7. Request review BB Cream dari skin aqua donk. Makasi ya Indira.


  8. good idea :D, Biar gak buka2 makeup case... rempong makkk
    @freddy_friday blog

  9. ahh thanks for sharing, when I was in uni I didn't wear any makeup at all. I just went in a jiffy bare faced wahahaha..boo me > u <
    I'm riding a motorbike everytime so I'm just too lazy to put on makeup eitherway

  10. Hallo ka Indira, tipe wajah kita sama kak kombinasi berminya gitu jd di bagian T zone berminyak banget. Ada saran lain ga kak untuk skin care apa aja buat kulit jenis kombinasi gini? Dan untuk foundation+bedaknya yang bagus selain yang Ka Indira pakai rekomen yang mana lagi ya kak?

    1. Hi.
      Udah coba ponds dewy rose gel?
      Kalau foundation aku lagi suka make over perfect cover creamy foundation sama bedak emina city chic cc cake :)


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