[REVIEW] Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - #963 Ash Brown

Hello, this thime I will post a review about eyebrow product. The first eyebrow product on this blog.

My eyebrow was not so thick though, but yes I do groom it so I can play with more make up LOL. I was groom it by myself, and the result is uneven between my left and right eyebrow. Oh well, when I tried to apply eyeliner or make a smokey eyes most of the result between left and right part of my face look not symmetrical. I know for some Indonesian people especially the elder, it’s not recommended to groom eyebrow before marriage. One reason I know is because eyebrow take an important role on brides makeup,  once you groom your eyebrow it will make you look so different. Grooming your eyebrow will make you look prettiest than before, but I don’t agree with the elder cause I wanna look pretty every day.

There are lot of product for eyebrow, pencil, powder and gel. I was once tried the pencil type, but I often mentioned on some of my post before that I don’t like makeup products which comes in pencil type, because it need to waste the product to make it sharp.  I read the gel type is hard to use for  beginner like me, who mostly fail to make something symmetrical. So my choice is the powder type, and the first product I buy is Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in shade Ash Brown.

Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Description :
“Mini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact with all the essential tools to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect brows. This five-piece set includes a soft wax that shapes brows, two setting powders for definition, a hard angle brush for easy application, and mini tweezers for stray hairs.” –from web
Price of this product is pretty affordable, it’s only under $5 on most of the US market, in Wet n Wild Indonesia counter the price is about Rp 110.000 . But, you can found more cheaper price on online shop. I bought mine for Rp 70.000 on @makeupuccino (instagram)

The packaging is comes in silver compact with transparent cover includes brush applicator, small tweezer, brow wax, 2 colors of brow powders (light brown and dark brown). In the back of the packaging there is a mirror, just slid it out to use.
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
wet n wild ultimate brow kit ingredients

The brush applicator is unique in my opinion, cause this is my first time have brush with square handle all brush I have before is comes with curved handle shape.
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit

The brow powder are not powdery and so pigmented with matte finish. I think the color of the brow powders will suits many people. If you think the dark brown is not dark enough to match with your hair color just apply it again cause the color is buildable.
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit
Review wet n wild ultimate brow kit

When I use this I don’t smell anything from the brow powder or the wax. The wax itself is kinda useless. The powder is waterproof, but not smudgeproof and not sweatproof. It stays  more than 10 hours and only faded a bit even I don’t use the wax. The brush applicator is really help me to draw and fill my eyebrow. For the tweezer quality I can’t comment since I haven’t use it, I have low tolerance of pain, I can’t imagine pull off my eyebrow with tweezer.

My step when using this is firstly I apply the brow wax (but most of the time I skip using wax) and then using the brow brush to draw or fill my eyebrow with one of the brow powder (when I’m not lazy I use the light brown on inner part).

Pros :
+ Easy to find
+ This brow kit has all essential things for eyebrow.
+ Travel friendly
+ Affordable Price
+ Useful brush
+ Mirror included
+ Very pigmented
+ Doesn’t have red undertone
+ Good staying Power

Cons :
- Fragile packaging
 - The wax is not really useful
Overall, I like this brow kit since everything I need is available in this kit. Also it’s affordable and I can easily  find this kit. Though the wax is not really useful, but I’m okay with it cause it’s very pigmented, waterproof, and the staying power is good. Glad I tried it ! I really recommended this especially for beginner and for people who wants try brow kit in affordable price.


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More information :
Makeupuccino // Nyx Olshop


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  1. wow, that kit is awesome!! I need it now, i've read some reviews and seems nice, i like that the brown color gets darker with more layers :) Nice review.

  2. I always look at this when i'm at the store but i always end up not buying. Its really affordable!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this
    now following your blog! ^-^ hope to be friends

  3. This look really nice! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. Looks great!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  5. Ak jg lg pengen pake powder eyebrow XD huaa alisnya bagus X3 pengeennnn haha

    1. kalau ga gambar alis 2-2 nya sih bagus, kalau 2-2 nya dibuat hasilnya beda XD

  6. 10 hours seems already really good :D hahaha i want to try an eyebrow powder, atm i'm just using a pencil

  7. Ada catutnya itu yg bikin unyuu yaa nice review anyway


  8. iya tuhh kata nya ga boleh ngebentuk alis kalo belum nikah , kata nya ga cantik lagi pas nikah nya /?

    aliss nya bagus pisan ihh .


    1. iya, katanya nanti gak pangling lagi yang ngeliatnya -__-a


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