[REVIEW] Khalisa - Red Cherry Peppermint*

Lipbalm is one of important things for me. Even my lipbalm collection is not as much as lipstick, but lipbalm is product I'm always use. I can skip wearing lipstick for one day, two day and even one week because it is not a big deal for me. But, I can't skip not wearing lipbalm in one day because of my lips condition which is dry and easily get chapped. Even I just stay in home I still wear lipbalm,  at least I have 2 lip balm in my home. One is I placed on my dressing table and the other one is always stay on pocket on my pants.

So since 2 weeks ago I tried new  lipbalm that sent to my by Khalisa Indonesia, this is a new brand under same company with Lip Ice, yes it's manufactured by Rohto Laboratories Indonesia. Usually I'm always use different lipbalm when in home or when outside home. Because I want to make a proper review of this lipbalm, I'm using this regularly every time and every where since 2 weeks ago.

Khalisa Lip Care
Khalisa Lip Balm
 Rich care with intensive moisture, SPF25, Vitamin E.
Made in Indonesia
Netto :
2,2 g
Main ingredients :
Vitamin E, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Flavor
Variants Available :
1.  Red Cherry Peppermint -  Natural Red Color
2. Pink Bubble Gum - Natural Pink Color
3. Peach Caramel - Natural Peach Color
4. Pure Vanilla Honey - No Color 
Khalisa Lip Balm
Khalisa Lip Balm

Khalisa Lip Balm

This lipbalm shape is similar with Lip Ice product, comes in slim stick and the color of the packaging is same with the variant. The slim packaging make it no need many space and can fit anywhere even in pencil case.

Khalisa Lip Balm

I got mine in Red Cherry Peppermint gives natural red color result. Pigmentation of this lip balm is sheer like other lipbalm, when applied I feel cool sensation all over my lips and I really love the scent of cherry from this lipbalm. Result of the color on my lips is not red, it's looks pink on my lips maybe because my natural lips color is have more pigmentation, I think if the natural lips color is pink it will gives natural red color result.

Khalisa Lip Balm

Talk about the ability to moisture my lips, when I have activity in the room under AC or not I feel no different for moisture my lips it only last for 1 and maximum 2 hours after that my lips back to dry condition. So, I need to reapply it more than 5 times a day. At night I usually apply lipbalm before sleep when I wake up my lips feels still moisture, soft and moist ( these past 2 weeks I sleep for about 4 hours ). Like others lipbalm I ever tried before, most of them have more good staying power when I sleep.

Yo sorry I don't wear any makeup, so the color of my lips around my skin looks uneven.

What I like :
+ Cheap ( I was googling the price, and it's around 20.000 IDR or less than $2 )
+ Slim packaging
+ Contains SPF25
+ Halal certified
+ Available in 4 variants
+ Nice scent
+ Gives natural color result

What I dislike :
+ Bad staying power

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Disclaimer :
"This product was sent to me by Khalisa for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 
Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. This looks like a lovely lip balm! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Hoo si khalisa ini buatan rohto toh! Gue pikir brand darimana cina, abis packagingnya polosan bangett.. Hahahaa.. Dipake di bibir bagus yah!!

  3. It gives a nice tint of colour :) too bad about the staying power, usually i would have to reapply lip balm like every 2~3 hours because i have very dry lips :(

  4. sisternya lipice ya?aku pengen coba tapi takut hasilnya sama kaya lipice bikin bibir kering pecah-pecah :(
    thank you for review ka Indira^^



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