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This time post is about waxing product. Waxing is not a new thing, nowadays we can easily find waxing places everywhere. But now we can do waxing at home and without pain,  since I'm not a type of people who like stranger to touch me I think this is a good choice. One of product that can help you do waxing at home is, sugarpotwax

Frankly speaking, sugarpot is not a new product for me. I already read a lot of review of this product before. I was also planning to buy this few months ago, but I saw on my instagram feed for beware with fake sugar pot wax, read article here. Lucky me, a few weeks ago the owner of sugarpotwax offered me to try their product, and I choose this matcha variant.


Sugarpot was established in April 2012 with hopes that their product can help people to easily do waxing at home.  All ingredients are made from natural ingredients, mostly imported. Don't worry it's natural, safe, no dangerous chemical, and edible! Yes, it is edible because no chemical ingredients added.  

Pure Honey, Chocolate, Milky Strawberry, Matcha

Pure Honey Sugar Kit - 75.000 IDR
Chocolate Sugar Kit, Milky Strawberry Sugar Kit, Matcha Sugar Kit - 80.000 IDR
Strips & Spatulas - 20.000 IDR

Matcha Sugar Kit

This smell really like real matcha.

About Matcha Sugar Wax:
"A natural hair removal infused with Japanese Matcha. Lifts away hair from the root. Leaves skin smooth and moisturized. Prevents ingrowth hair. Smooth result up to 4-6 weeks. Can be used for waxing sensitive & delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing, underarms, bikini line & Brazilian waxing."- from web

What I get:
250gr Matcha sugar gel
2 Spatulas
12 Washable strips
Instruction manual 

Benefits of Matcha:
Lightens dark skin 
Removes dead skin 
Very high in antioxidants 
Moisturising & Soothing 
Keeps skin soft & supple
Soothe allergies and other irritants
Great aroma
Enhances calming

Sugarpot can be used without heating it first, but I find when heating it first will make it easier to apply also the result of waxing is much better.

Without heating, seriously it's extremely sticky
After heating

You can use microwave to heat it, leave it about 5 seconds in microwave. But I prefer putting jar in hot water, please note the water is only  ¾ of the height of jar. Before apply the sugar gel please wait until it warm, you don't want to burn your skin, right?

Before do waxing, please note the hair minimum length is 0,6 cm, if it shorter than 0,6 cm it may not work.
How to use :
1. Clean and wash your skin then dry it with towel.
2. Apply powder on area you want to do waxing. 
3. Apply sugar gel in the same direction of hair growth.
4. Take the strip and apply it in the same direction of hair growth.
5. Rub the strip for 10 seconds, so the sugar gel firmly attached to the hair.
6. Remove the strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
7. Clean up your skin with soap and water.

after washed - applied sugar gel - when I put the strip - result

 Zoom picture above if you want to see how many hairs removed

Seriously, I don't feel hurt.
From scale 1-10 the rate of pain is 1,5  even my tolerance of pain is only a little. This product is not only remove hair, it also leaves my skin smoother than before also not darken my skin. And not only removes thin hair it's also remove thick hair. When I post this, is already 3 weeks after I do waxing, and the hair haven't grow again until now.  They said it will takes 3-8 weeks for rewaxing.

I once tried other waxing product that I find in minimarket and tried it on my foot, but the result is the hair grow again only in 3 days and the hair grow thicker.

After use this product, you can store it at room-temperature, this sugarpot can endure for one year.

Where to buy:
You can buy the product from them directly or from their distributors. If you want to buy from distributors to minimize shipping cost please buy only from their official distributor which you can check on their website or on their instagram page, I don't want you all get fake product it may harm your skin.

They do ship worlwide, ask them for more info:
Instagram: @sugarpotwax
LINE: jessycaoctavia
Phone: 08588 1111 685

Disclaimer :
"This product was sent to me by SUGARPOTWAX for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 
Read more complete disclaimer here.


Got questions? Ask me in the comment box or e-mail.
For product review, advertisement inquiry e-mail me at


  1. I've tried this sugarpot with honey variant, and the results is very good. maybe I'll try matcha variant soon :D

    by the way, I've followed you, mind to follow me back? :):)

    1. Hy adita thanks for follow me.
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  2. Aku juga pakaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..
    Tapi karna bulu kaki sama ketiakku tebal dan akarnya besar, sakit banget waktu dicabut >.<
    But, better daripada dikerik..

    1. Aku cuma pakai di kaki blm pernah nyoba di ketiak, iha kalau di kerik tumbuhnya juga cepet terus tebel >_<

  3. Great review!

    Something special from Venice on

  4. Looks such an interesting product, I may try it :D

  5. I want to try this look so great without the burning pain ^^

    恵美より ♥


    1. Thank you for visit emi.
      Will join your giveaway :)

  6. This product seems so interesting! Too bad its only limited to such a few stores :D Your layout is very cute c:

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

    1. Try it Jessie, they ship worlwide!
      Thanks for drop by :)

  7. ak juga uda coba ^^ suka sensasinya waktu cekrakkkk hahaha xD
    @freddy_friday blog

    1. Kirain bakal sakit gimana gitu, ternyata engggaaaaa XD

  8. Sounds like a good product, I am almost hairless so never have the need to shave/wax but will recommend it to my friends. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I was almost hairless, but I was tried other shaving product before it made the hair grow faster I must shave my hair at least once a week. Glad I found this product, I don't need to shaving the hair every week.

  9. Thanks for the comment :)

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  10. Oooo interesting product :')

  11. This sound quite good. I have to say I find home waxing quite difficult and painful but this looks good.

  12. Interesting post! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  13. Nice post! ^_^

  14. I always do all waxing at home, this wax does sound great will be looking for it, great review :)

  15. Lovely post! but i prefer to go to waxing salons because i'm very clumsy :p

  16. Never try waxing before. Not sure whether i will feel the pain. Giglove

  17. an interesting product to try it out! I sure love it

  18. aku kemaren udah cobain nih yang wangi coklat.
    hmmmm enak banget,
    ga kebayang deh wangi matcha yang satu ini :3

  19. hmm, never a fan of waxing because it's always more messy and inconvenient as compared to just using an epilator/shaver. but i heard the warm wax will kinda open up the folicle or something so it makes hair removal less painful?

  20. Still don't dare to wax! Even though people say is tolerable, argh, I'm scared! =D

  21. This product seem really works. Thanks for sharing :D

  22. I've never waxed as I'm far too scared of the pain ahha, but if this didn't hurt, i'm going to check it out :p x giglove
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  24. Ohww!! Seems like an effective product !! Glad it worked for you!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  25. Great review and thanks for sharing! But I too scared to try it out haha

  26. ive been meaning to try a product like this for ages. haven't gotten round to it yet

  27. I've really enjoyed the matcha-based products that I've tried in the past and I think that this sounds great. Thanks for sharing! <3 GIGLove

  28. If this wax was available internationally, I would have loved to try it out. Sounds great dear :) GIG

  29. My hair is really stubborn and needs a professional to remove them when it comes to waxing. I wish it wasn't though because it would be so much more convenient to wax at home myself! I'd definitely use this if I could.

  30. I love sugarpot wax! It seriously doesn't hurt at all! xoxo giglove

  31. This is basically what I need! Something that will get rid of your hairs but won't give you much pain as well. I'll probably try it soon :)


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