[REVIEW] L’Oreal : Total Repair – Repairing Conditioner*

Hello May ! I think I won’t be able to posting as often as before, and mostly post starting this month is scheduled post. So, I’m so sorry if I don’t reply or late to reply all the comments. However if you really need answer from me you can reach me by e-mail.

This time I will talk about product for hair again. As we all agree that hair is the most important for women. Oh talk about hair, I was cut my hair and it is the shortest I ever have in my life and hello to my natural black hair again !

 I wasn’t really care about my hair condition. More specific is since in high school I’m really lazy to wash my hair. Like I always do is I wash my hair only once or twice a week, at that time every I washed my hair and comb it my hair is really tangled. I was have super long and thick hair, so can you imagine how bad is my hair condition without any good maintain? Split-ends, coarseness, breakage is my main hair problem. And I found this product since more than 1,5 years ago.

Comes in slim bottle also available in sachet size, sorry I don’t remember at all about the price. But yeah I’m sure it’s so affordable also easy to find!

Works for damaged hair, such as breakage, dryness, dullness, coarseness, split-ends problems so it will makes hair become stronger, nourished, shinier, smoother, and less split-ends. From that description I have 3 problems, does it really works for my hair?
It’s not really works for me but I’m glad it made my hair less tangled after using this so every time I comb my hair the hair fall is not so many, and my hair is still thick until now even there was so many hair fall *Thanks God*. It’s not only helps me to take care of my hair, it also help me to maintain my wig collection. You know that when your wig get tangled it really difficult to make it back to normal condition, and this product works like magic. I can comb my wig with my finger too and the fiber becomes so smooth than before!

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  1. This sounds like a nice conditioner! Thank you for sharing, I'm trying to take better care of my hair ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Aww, I've tried this one before and really love it, also the hair mask of this brand are nice <3 Thanks fot the review, sweetie <3

  3. dulu ak jg pake ini XD iya g bikin kusut

  4. I do have this one (bought it like on septemebr, looking for regular conditioner, nothign special) and well, it's not bad, but I don't find it anything special, guess I'm not buying it again, I'll finish using it, and that's all (I actualyl mixed it with some red mask colour, so it keeps my natural red hair colour fine)

  5. I've seen this in the store before but I've never bought it! I'm glad it works well for wigs~ I want to buy a few wigs so I'll have to pick this product up :D

  6. Hi Indira... I had this product and very satisfied. Then I changed with the red one. And my hair is getting silky and softness. L'oreal is one of the best product that I ever have.
    Nice review, btw ^ ^


  7. I have tried their hair mask of this , I think they do work well!!!


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