Must Watch J-Drama on 2015 Part 1

My internet connection went crazy this past week, and I still can't fix it. Mid term will start next monday and here I am just copying my friend notebook without even read it. I skipped many classes on April maybe one of the reason because I am downloading many J-drama on midnight and it cause me woke up super late. Thanks to my shitty internet connection which only can works on midnight.

Finding site where I can download J-drama is such a treasure for me, because finding J-drama is not as easy as find K-drama, Japan is very strict about copyright issue. In this post I wanna share top 5 J-drama on winter season by me, big thanks to my aunt wi-fi because I can finish watch about 3 J-drama in 2 days.

Here are the list based on alphabet.

Maru Maru Tsuma
A story about complicated household. The wife is contract wife, she married to a newscaster. She decide to become contract wife, because she have something she really regret on the past even she really loves her husband now. All I wanna say is, she is really perfeeeeect as a wife.

Mondai No Aru Restaurant

A story about a female worker who quit her job because she was betrayed and she know that her bestfriend is a victim of sexual harassment by their boss. She make a new restaurant to take revenge for her bestfriend. The restaurant is managed together by other 6 of her friends too. They face lot of problem together. With women power can they face it all ?

Oniichan Gacha
A story about little girl who really wants to have older brother. And I'm believe mostly every girl really want to have older brother *count me in*. There is a magic Gatcha which can give you older brother *Oh please, I wish someone make this for real too*. Can she find the ideal type of her older brother?

Rated almost perfect on every site about J-drama. Starring by handsome also famous star Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun. Both of them are so hooot! This J-drama is based on popular comic. Ikuta Toma is works as detective while Oguri Shun is part of Yakuza. They grew up in orphanage together, but that orphanage is not usual orphanage, kind of "special". The plot is really not predictable. Why a detective and yakuza can work together, you should watch this J-drama to know the answer!

 Second Love

This is a "night drama", yeah you don't read it wrong. Do you know know why this is part of "night drama"? This J-drama have a lot of 17+ scene. And I just realize there words "night drama" exist in the poster when I write this post. Like first time they meet or when they break up, they do sex first. WTF LOL I get shocked also wanna laugh at the same time!
This drama really have good messages, you shouldn't give up easily on your dream.When there is a will, there is a way. That's one of the message.. Oh anyway if you ask me am I see some 17+ scene or not? Since I'm watch this on youtube I think the uploader cut the full version when there is a 17+ scene, I mean I'm only see a short version, without more explanation I think we all know what they will do when a couple take off their clothes and start to kissing each other. Basically it's okay if I see that or not since I'm already 20 years old. All I wanna say is Kyoko Fukada is getting prettier even she already 32 years old, also Kazuya Kamenashi body is really perfect haha, I can't stop looking at his perfect body especially when he do dance.

There is some drama I watched too, Gakkou No Kaidan, Utsukushiki Wana, Zannen Na Otto, and others but I haven't finished watching it. Most of that J-drama is I download on doramax264 or I watch them on youtube!

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  1. Pengeeen nontonn ^^ Terutama yang Ouroboros deh ^^ Moga berhasil download hehe

    New post Indira ^^

  2. These all look lovely! I never really watch things like these, I may have to now ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Can you dig it man! Can you dig it!

  4. Thank you for the info Indira! me too, I really like watching dramas but it's hard to find website that have download for japanese drama subbed in english. jadi ujung ujungnya download korean drama lagi... -__-
    I wish I can copy 'them' from you :D

  5. Aku dulu suka banget nonton J-Dorama. Tapi sekarang udah gak up-to-date lagi nih.. Seneng banget aku sama film dan dorama Jepang.


  6. Omggg I love Ikuta Toma~ :D Hes super hot!!! I haven't watched J-Drama in a longgggggggggg time! I forgot what the last one I watched was too haha! But now I kind of want to watch one :) I have too many assignments to do so I guess it'll have to wait T-T

  7. sepertinya bagus2.
    ini di waku2 japan bulan ini lagi di jadwalin tayang sekai no chuusin de ai wo sakebu.
    dorama jepang penuh kesedihan yang bisa bikin gue meneteskan airmata :"))

    gue sih lebih suka dorama kayak.... mu boss my hero. yui aragaki cakep banget..

  8. thank you for sharing ... I will be watching ...x


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