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I think most of you know lately Thailand products are hits in our beloved country, especially their skin care products. Now here I am introduce to you a brand from Thailand, it’s called MORES. MORES is under company named Better Skin Thailand Co., Ltd. Their motto is “Beauty Starts with Healthy Skin.” I’m really agree with that words, you don’t need to put on so many make up if your skin is already in good condition. Less make up means your skin can easily breath. In 10 month, they are growing both Thai and international.
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 This year, MORES release their new series products.

The new series of Mores Skincare :
♥ Re-structure series : Newest skincare technology queen of plant stem cells: Alp Rose and Argan, MDI complex.
♥ Co-operate research studies with one of biggest laboratory in France : Lucas Mayer cosmetics and others European laboratories.
♥ Best selected premium ingredient with high concentrate.

So, now let’s jump to the products information and my first impression of this 2 products.
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MORES White Booster

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Intensive whitening booster and spot minimizer with double PhytocellTectm Technology
white radiance  anti dark spot  anti skin infection & acne  boost collagen & elastin  strengthen skin barrier & skin structure

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Review MORES

How to use :
-Apply after cleansing and softening the skin, before moisturizing
-Pump two to three times, put on five points (forehead, noose, cheeks, and chin)
-Smooth over the face
-At night if you have dark spot, put on the cream on spot again after smooth over the face 5 min or if your skin need to booster urgently, smooth generously and evenly over entire face. Gently massage until absorbed.

The texture is like a lotion, easily absorbed into skin I don’t smell something unpleasant from this. It does moisturize my skin, but I don’t see it works for my dark spot or acne. (Of course you can’t expect a significant effect from skincare since I just use it for one time.)

MORES 2 Eyes

Sleeping Eye Mask
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Total eye solutions for all skin types with MDI complex
reduce dark circles ♥ anti eye wrinkle ♥ anti puffy eyes ♥ boost collagen & elastin

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Review MORES

How to use :
-Use your ring finger and apply small dots around the eye, above the eye up to the brow bone area and under the eye
-Gently tap in the cream to stimulate circulation and massage in circular motions with your ring finger

The texture is more lighter than lotion. I feel slightly cool sensation, however this also don’t give me an instant effect. (Of course you can’t expect a significant effect from skincare since I just use it for one time.)


This is my first impression about the products. I have sensitive skin, usually my skin will show the effect right after I tried the product, but after trying the sample size from both of this products. Glad my skin don’t show me any bad effect. MORES also have one other product  named Skin Firming Pack. Based on my skin condition, the most product I really need MORES 2 Eyes. If you following me on instagram, you know that my under eye area is bad. 
If you don't know, here I show you.

A photo posted by Indira Wulandari (@aimi269) on
See ? I hope that can be solved.

Thanks for reading ^^. 
Disclaimer :
"This product was sent to me by MORES for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 

Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. Interesting products! :)
    I hope you make a follow up post on this later when you finished them!


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