[REVIEW] Lei Lani – Wear White Face Whitening Finisher*

Want to have white skin is something normal in Asia. There are so lot of whitening products in the market. Mostly whitening products I find is from South Korea. So now, I will share one of it.

Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Volume : 60ml
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher

Wear White Face Whitening Finisher is effective skin brightening solution. Different from any other whitening cream, Wear White Face Whitening Finisher not only upgrades the skin tone, but also helps the blemish to be faded out. As soon as you apply Wear White Face Whitening Finisher, you can see the immediate brightening effect. It lasts 12 hours, from morning until night. After continuously using the Wear White Face Whitening Finisher, you will see the real difference on your skin tone.

Features :
Wear White Face Whitening Finisher is approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drugs Administration) for its skin brightening effect. It improves the skin texture by offering the hydration and nourishment. You can improve the wrinkle and blemish by Wear White Face Whitening Finisher. Use as makeup primer. You can use Wear White Face Whitening Finisher as makeup primer. By applying it before the basic makeup, you can expect the makeup to last longer.

Comes with box and bottle pump packaging, dominated with white color. You can see the explanation on the box written in English and Hangeul. 

Benefit of Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher Ingredients
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher

The bottle pump packaging is having a clear cap, you can see the expired date on the bottom.
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
Lei Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher

I don’t see more information about the period of use after first time opened. I like this kind of packaging, because it’s hygienic and I don’t need to squeeze the packaging. 

The liquid is in white color with texture like a lotion, it has soft and calming scent.

The instruction of how to use said, apply adequate amount after the facial wash. But, I don’t follow that instruction. Because if I apply this like the instruction, the result is hard to blend and leaves some uneven white patches on my face. Usually, I’m applying this after moisturizer. With that way the liquid is easier to blend don’t leaves any white patches and it looks like I wear nothing. I don’t show before and after picture, because just like I said it looks like I wear nothing, don’t give any coverage to my skin or brighten up my skin. Other point I like is this don’t gives me grayish result, long time ago I ever tried Korean BB Cream and foundation even I already pick the darkest shade the result is still too light for me so it ended up grayish. However I once tried this product on my hand which is darker than my face it leaves grayish result. So, I think this isn’t suitable for medium to dark skin except you like that grayish color.

After trying this for 6 weeks. I don’t see any result of whitening. But it can prevent my skin looks dull on the day.

What I like :
+ Calming Scent
+ Hygienic Bottle
What I dislike :
- No significant result

Overall, this product isn’t for you who looking for instant result. Based on my personal experience this product isn’t worth to repurchase because it don’t give me whitening result so far. However I think this product will work for those with light to medium skin, you can check wishtrend video below

Where to Buy :
USD $25.99
Currently free shipping
If you are loves to try Korean beauty products, pay a visit to wishtrend site. They sell not mainstream Korean beauty products, so you can discover more. If you live far from Korea don’t worry about the shipping cost, just choose one item from free shipping zone. 

 Disclaimer :
"This product was sent to me for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 
Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. This looks nice, It's too bad that you didn't get that good of a result ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. What a pity! It seemed so promising and I had my hopes up high >< Thanks for your honest review~

    1. yeah I also hope I can be a bit lighter after using this

  3. Sad it didnt work for you~ i've heard that it worked on other people so i'm still not sure whether its worth the risk or not haha!
    i really do want to try out lei lani products one day

    1. I also read other review and this works on them :(


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