[REVIEW] L.A. Girl : Glazed Lip Paint – Daring & Tango*

I know it’s late to talk about Glazed Lip Paint because what is hot right now from L.A. Girl is their Matte Pigment Gloss. Since I’m not into matte lipstick, I haven’t purchase it, maybe soon or maybe I won’t. Sometimes it’s not about what is trend now, but what’s will be useful. Some people said the Matte Pigment Gloss is a hard matte type some said it’s not really matte. My lips easily gets chapped and dry, when my lips in bad condition at least it needs 2 weeks until it back to normal condition. I already do many treatment but at least once ever 2 months I will face the same problem again and again.

Been trying this Glazed Lip Paint since February and few weeks ago I mentioned on my instagram one of this shade is my favorite!

Some people said it’s dupe of Too Faced Melted, in my opinion some shade is looks comparable but the finish result is different, Too Faced Melted is satin to matte finish, when the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint is….. *you can get the answer if you read more!*

LA Girl
Glazed Lip Paint
An intensely saturated lip color that combines the power of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss in one revolutionary product.
 ♥ Provides the shine of a lip gloss.
 ♥ Gives the intensely pigmented appearance of a liquid lipstick
♥ Delivers rich color with staying power.

I must say you can’t trust the swatches from official website because many shade not really looks as it, it’s better if you look review or swatch from blogger or youtuber before. Maybe it won’t looks 100% same with them when you wearing it, but at least if you can find blogger or youtuber with same condition (their bare lips and their skin tone) like you, the color result you will get maybe pretty close too!

I know you can’t read the ingredients list clearly, so I will tell you one important point, it’s paraben free. YEAY !

Comes in plastic tube, the body tube color is represent the shade and the cap is in gold color. Many girls really like gold color because it looks classy and exclusive, for me I’m not hate or like it. Overall packaging it looks cheap, but the fact yeah they are cheap, but I’m not hating the packaging. Judging from the packaging, the shade I have is not wearable for every day use if you are type of calm girl and don't like to get attention. Fact is, one of them is good color for daily.

The applicator is not really helps me when applying, I prefer using lip brush or my fingertips. Make sure you don’t put so many effort when squeezing, you will ended up wasting it, because a little amount is already enough to cover my lips.

The texture is in liquid, but not too creamy not watery too.
Tango looks like neon orange at first, but after blended the color you get is coral. So pretty!
Daring is dark purple with warm undertone.  

When applied you will feel minty sensation for some seconds.  It gives glossy finish at first but after long time (8 hours) it gives satin finish result. 

Uhm wait did you said 8 hours? 
Fact is this product still stay on my lips as long my lips don’t have contact with thing (glass, folk, spoon, etc) but it will disappear right after I’m  drink something or have a meal, yeah it easily transfer anywhere. It’s not drying my lips at all also don't have weird smell, that’s why I love it!

I know where you are looking at first.
I must sleep like real human, to get rid of that dark circles.

What I like :
+ Available in many shades
+ Affordable
+ Pigmented
+ Gives mint sensation
+ Can cover my dark lips
+ Not drying at all

What I dislike :
- The applicator is not helps for applying
- Easily transfer

Where to Buy?
Since I got this 2 babies from different online shop. I have 2 recommendation .
If you want to wait (PO system) and get cheaper price you can buy  from :
But if you don’t want to wait and don’t mind about the price you can buy from :

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  1. These sound lovely! It sounds like the lasting is amazing, and I really like the colours, especially Tango ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. wow, you look so beautiful with those colors! :D Nice review, hope to try them soon.

    1. thank you !
      you should, the price also really cheap.

  3. Never too late to review things :P
    I like how wearable the results are! Definitely looks different from the tube haha

  4. Such beautiful lip gloss! ^^ It's really suits you

  5. waah pigmented ya..!! pengen beli deh warnanya juga bagus2 ya ^^

    1. beli deh ci, murah, ga bikin bibir kering juga. tp jangan ngandelin swatch dari official nya ya :p

  6. bnyk pilihan warna lg yaa.. ^o^... suka ih, kalo bnyk gini... tp kdg, krn kalap mata doang sih ;p... ujung2nya yg dipake yg itu2 jg warnanya :D...

    1. Iyaaa, kalau ngikutin nafsu mah masih mau beli 5 shade lagi :p

  7. Adorable colours, very lovely on you!!
    Both are perfect for spring and summer!!
    Thank you for the review, and you look so cute ^^


  8. Great review! Those colours are all so vibrant and pretty~

    I followed your blog, would love it if you checked mine out :D Thank you!


  9. belom coba yang ini :'( #mupeng #sambilkekep dompet hihihi. btw fotomu makin keceeee :D pake kamera apa?
    @my blog :D

    how to make diy ombre hair :)

    1. Aku pakai kamera hp aja foto2 di blog ini, hp nya Samsung Grand Duos *udah lama banget* tapi percayalah semua hasil foto aku tergantung keadaan matahari dan mood aku haha (----_----)

  10. Nice review it made me feel like I want to try it soon! :D



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