[REVIEW] Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Spotcare Beauty

Almost forget to make a review of this product. In fact is I already tried this product since January. This time I will write about moisturizer from Pixy brand. Just realized I lately tried out many products from Pixy.

Product Info :
Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Spotcare Beauty
Diminishing spots appearance, skin looks brighter and powder blends well
SPF15 Botanpi Extract  Active Veil Formula
Netto : 20 gram
Manufactured by : PT. Mandom Indonesia TBK
Packed by : PT. Anugrah Familindo Utama
Licensed by : Mandom Corporation Japan

Botanpi is a natural ingredient from Japan.
Active Veil Formula means this product have function of pre base makeup, resulting facial skin visibly brighter and flawless in an instant. Powder blends well and lasts long.

Claims :
  Diminishing spots & blemishes
  Brighten skin
  Even skin color
  Protecting skin from UV light
  Maintaining skin moistness
  Maintaining skin elasticity

Ingredients :
click to enlarge

How to use :
Apply evenly on entire face and neck.

This product is available in 2 size, 20 gram and 50 gram. I bought the 20 gram size with price under 20.000 IDR, my reason why I bought this cause I haven’t found moisturizer that I think really suits me before. So, after trying this moisturizer does this product is all I looking for? Read more to find my experience when using this !

I like how it packed in tube, hygienic and easy to bring anywhere. Just squeeze the tube to get the right amount you want. The smell is same with Pixy face wash product I ever review on this post (click here), soft and really calm, really like it ! Color of the liquid is white with a light hint of pink, but the pink color is not really noticeable.

I usually always use sunblock before use this moisturizer because this product only have SPF15, which I think it don’t give me enough protection since I have outdoor activity. But I think with SPF15 is already enough if you only have activity indoor.

After tried this product I can see my dark spots is decreased, brighten my skin but still look natural, and even out my skin color also I feel my skin feel so moist and elastic. After using this I use powder, and my powder really blends well with this. So far I have nothing big to complain, except for they still use paraben in this. This is the best moisturizer I ever tried so far. I want repurchase this, but I still have many stocks of moisturizer from others brand. If after I tried other moisturizer which I already bought and can’t find other products that can’t beat this, definitely I will repurchase again.

Overall, this product is highly recommended by me. Without spending too much money with this product you can make your face looks brighter and make your skin face smooth and your powder will blends so well with your skin.

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  1. It sounds good, but I cannit purchase it :/ Do they sell it online?

  2. Oh, this looks really nice! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Wow this looks great! Thanks for the recommendation, will keep an eye out online for this! Love that it brightens as well :)


  4. Sounds interesting! :) I only know of Pixy because of you haha~ I'm glad it works for you, i have uneven skin which i would love to even out

  5. Interesting beauty product review you got there! Glad to have bump into your blog. Looking forward to more of your post and thanks for following me! <3



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