[SWATCHES] Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick

Do you always wear lipstick until it hit the bottom or not? If not, I have suggestion for you. Mini lipstick set with 8 shade available, it’s only contains 0,6 gram. This kind of lipstick is perfect for newbie who wants to try many lipstick but doesn’t want to spend so much money, or for people who like do traveling you can bring this mini lipstick set, or for people who like to collect lipstick, or whatever the reason because I know for makeup addict you never get enough of lipstick, right?

Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick 

This mini lipstick set is from Koshize one of Sophie Paris product line. This mini lipstick set is so small, even the box is not as big as Wardah Lip Palette (click here to see my swatches from 2 of Wardah LipPalette). I bought this last year and don’t remember the exact price, I think it’s around 60.000 IDR. Inside you will see many colors, from light-pink, brown-pink, nude, red, red-brown, fuchsia and etc. It’s doesn’t have name, only number below the tube.

 Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick

Oh yeah I was googled about this product, and found out that this product also available in Malaysia and Filiphina. 

So here are the swatches !

Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick
Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick

 Koshize Satin Mini Lipstick

I personally never wear this lipstick for more than 1 hours, so that’s the reason why I named this post swatches instead of review. As the name this lipstick gives satin finish, and of course will transfer everywhere but not completely disappear and so far this never made my lips dry. That’s all post this time. Midterm exam will come on May and I already skipped so many class because I’m lazy and just wanna sleep. 

Until then !

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  1. Nice swatches! The colours are actually quite bright but for one hours wear only? Hmm doesn't sound like something I'd try but mini versions sounds really cute :)

    I've followed you already on GFC#120

  2. Kalo suka ngedandanin orang lain, cocok banget punya ini, soalnya warnanya banyak and harganya murah banget ya :D

  3. Aku pernah cobain salah satu sample, shadenya lupa apa .. Bagus juga ini kayaknya. :)


  4. This is a good idea because I really want to try out a lot of lip colours without spending a lot of money!
    I like #2 !! :)

    Good luck on your midterm exams and stop skipping classes :P

  5. These look wonderful! The colours are really pretty ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Oh, Sophie Paris?I have a lipstick from the same brand too.But it doesn't work like a lipstick,it's like a lip gloss kkk~~~

  7. Aww so cute <3 I mostly love the KSL8! ^^

  8. pengeeeeeeennnnn ~
    murce pula~

  9. pernah cipcip in punya temen, tp sayangnya gak cock dibibirku, bikin kering >,<


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