[FIRST IMPRESSION] Sarange Triple Crown BB Cream & Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Uwaaa weather is not so good lately, I have lot of post in draft but since I haven't take the picture so I postpone it. Eheheee I only use light from nature in every picture.

This time I will share my first impression from 2 sample I tried lately.

Sarange Triple Crown BB Cream - Natural Beige

Have you heard Sarange brand before? It's korean band, and was launching last year in Indonesia. I got this sample when buy Sarange's Lipstick. I have read review of this BB Cream before, most of the review are good. Here are my opinion, one sample can be use for 2 times usage. This BB Cream give a full coverage but too bad laa it not suits for people who have dark skin tone (NC 30 above, I guess). You don't want people think you are a kabuki actor, right? The oil control also so-so lah not the best I ever tried. Price of this BB Cream is not really expensive, if this BB Cream match my skin tone I will purchase this, too bad it's not.

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Who doesn't know this brand? This Korean brand is so famous with their cute packaging and the price is really affordable. I got this sample when purchasing Etude House 101 Pencil, I don't know what shade I got.  I have tried this sample more than 7 times, cause every time use I only need a little drop. It smell sweet, like candy or bubble gum? Staying power is bad in my opinion, it don't leave stain like other liptint I ever tried before.

That's all my post, thank you for reading! (☆∀☆)


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  1. Nice review! :) Too bad that the cherry tint doesn't stay well! :/

  2. I never tried sarange before, but your review is a little disappointment :( the one of etude house I think is the red one, a really love that tint and that tone even if it is not so red :) Love x.

  3. These both look lovely! I really like the Lip Tint packaging ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. Too bad about the samples! I have that tint in a purple colour and you're right, it doesn't really last very long :/

  5. Sayang warna Sarange bb creamnya terlalu terang ya..
    Thanks for share..

  6. Sayang warna SArangee terlalu terang ya..
    Thanks for share..


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