[DORAMA] 今日は会社休みます

Hello. I have new drama recommendation to watch. 
Japan dorama released last year.

Story about woman in early 30 years old who never take a day off even only once. She is work in trading company, always come early in her office. Her appearance is so yesterday, wear old style glasses, plain clothes and always tied her hair .

One day he meet a handsome man, he is a CEO of food company an his office is in the same building as her. In the same time in her office there is a part time university student who work there.

Oh yeah I forget to tell, that woman who never take a day off name is Hanae. The young man name is Tanokura.

For more information you can read here.
Download link you can click here.


Will write the synopsis later, I just remember that I have unfinished assignment.


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  1. Wow the drama sounds so great! :) I posted a while ago on my blog about my current drama favorites^^ hahah

  2. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that you're nominated for the Liebster award and make sure to check out my blog for more info. www.fashionjag.blogspot.com


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