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Do you realize finally I have my own domain? I think it was difficult to install it, but after I tried it's so easy.^^

Indira is my name, nyan is because I like cat. Do you know how to spell 'nyan' ?
If you watch anime with title K-On, one of the character name is called Azu-Nyan, she is so cute just like cat, that's why her friend called her Azu-Nyan


I want to make haul post again, but I'm too lazy to gather everything again. Most of my haul this month is already used and don't have a good packaging anymore. 

Anyway, I think I won't be able to post frequently in this weather, I can't get good picture with good lighting. Also I have problem with my laptop..OTL. But, I will try my best to update this blog as I have many things to share with you all. 

I will reply all comment soon.
And I just realize one thing that even I already following some blog via GFC, it looks like I don't get their new post on my blog home. Anyone know why?

Until then~!


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  1. wow, congrats for your domain!! :D I wants to see your haul xD Hope to see more entries soon. Love :3


  2. Congrats on the new domain :D

  3. Congrats for you dear

  4. Congratulations on your own domain! I remember being super excited when I bought mine. :3


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