[REVIEW] MakeOver : Ultra Shine Lipstick - #13 Everlasting Kiss*

Hey! Back with Make Over product, this time is Ultra Shine Lipstick. Actually this one is not my 1st Make Over lipstick, I have one before in Nudist Freak shade I don't know where that lipstick gone it's still mystery for me.. 

"Ultra Shine Lipstick is the ultra-soft and smooth lipstick with a little bit of shine. These flattering colors kisses your lips delicately, making it feels as tender as marshmallow. The best way to channel a feminime alluring look." - from web

This product content is 3,8gram with price only 69.000 IDR available in 13 shade and can easily find in Make Over store, Guardian, Star. The packaging is comes with black box, with full information printed on the box. Which is so classy in my opinion, it looks really professional. 

The lipstick itself is in cylinder shape with Makeover word printed in the cap, which I have nothing to complain about the packaging. 
But maybe if you have many shade from this lipstick, when you want to use this you will need to take a look at the bottom tube to know what shade it is, my advice is to store them with the bottom part in top position. 

This Everlasting Kiss color is can be categorized as nude color, it is peach-pink-brown *duh I'm bad at describe the color. If you have any suggestion the good word to describe this kind of color please tell me in comment box*. 
Even the name is ultra shine, it's not really glossy.  I can say it quite creamy. It glides smoothly on my lips with a good pigmentation even only in 1 swipe. This lipstick doesn't have weird smell and other good point of this lipstick is doesn't dry my lips and can last about 4 hours, of course you need to retouch after meal.

this picture was taken when my lips in a bit dry condition.

Overall I have nothing to complain about, though some of you may think it's pricey compared with other local products. But, trust me the quality of this lipstick is really worth your money.

That's all the review.
Thank you for reading and see you on next post !

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  1. banyak yang bilang lipstick make over bagus, tapi aku belum nemuin warna yang cocok... tapi yang in warnanya lumayan cakep ya, cocok untuk sehari-hari

    thanks buat review nya yaa :)

  2. Review kedua ttg makeover lippie, jadi tau swatch sebelum beli nanti. Hahhaa
    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D


  3. belom pernah coba makeover... jadi pengen :3
    @freddy_friday blog

  4. ak blum pernah pake produknya Make Over. Warnanya bagus. G bikin bibir kliatan kering jg XD jd pngennn :3


    1. Iya, ga bikin kering di aku, walaupun namanya ultra shine tapi 'shine'-nya ga lebay :)

  5. What nice, sleek packaging! And that pink colour looks so good on you!

    Btw sweetie, I am so sorry but you may want to lay off your URL (website) in the comment body on my blog as it will cause your comment to be marked as spam :(

  6. I love the creamy color! It looks great :)

  7. This looks amazing, I really like the color ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  8. Warnanya cantiikk .. Belum sempet cobain lipstick make over .. :) Tar cobain deh .. Tp mau carinya yg matte .. ^^ Thanks for sharing Indira ..
    Follow back ya Inn -------- http://misskarlina.blogspot.com/

  9. warnanya cakep yaa. aku belom pernah coba lipstick make over sebelomnya.. ini menarik banget warnanya bisa dipake sehari2 :D


  10. Hi ci, please pake b.indonesia dong blognya:( kdang aku ga ngerti


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