[REVIEW] Pixy : Silky Fit Lipstick Satin - #202 Carnal Rose

So before I have a short trip until sunday, actually not a trip it's a training. I decided not to sleep tonight, since I'm home alone now and most of the time I won't wake up if I haven't sleep for 8 hours, I don't know my eyes won't open if I only sleep less than 8 hours at night. 

Lately I tried some product from Pixy brand and this time I will share my opinion of one of their lipstick.

"PIXY is produced with Japanese high quality standard. Its product development is made for Asia beauty including Indonesia, developed based on Japanese technology and enriched with Japanese natural ingredients which are excellent for skin. Its packaging is also derived from Tokyo fashion trend. All combinations resulting in quality products and packaging." source here

Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Satin is available in 16 shades, and I choose number 202 with name Carnal Rose. The color is categorized in pink shade, but not soft pink or really dark pink too. 
You can check all the shade here, but some of the color display on the website is not show the real color. So it's better if you do swatch on your hand before buy it.

The lipstick is comes with pink box and the lipstick tube is pink too. It's so cute and girly, the packaging itself also sturdy even it still look too-plastic *you get what I mean?*and the cap fits securely. Every information is printed in the box packaging. 

one swipe

This Carnal Rose is look same like in the tube. This lipstick is creamy and really easy to apply, I don't smell anything when apply this. Usually I need 3 swipes to cover some dark area on my lips. This lipstick doesn't dry out my lips it feels really moisturizing, but the staying power is only 3 hours even I don't eat.
Swatch Pixy Lipstick
Just find this picture, all picture I took is really blur. Kinda feel weird with this black hair.

Overall with price around 25.000 IDR (under $ 3) this lipstick is a good choice it's easy to apply and moisturizing enough also many color option available. 

Have you tried Pixy lipstick before? Share your opinion with me!


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  1. Really nice colour!! :) I've never heard of this brand before but the packaging is cute

    1. Hope Pixy products will release in your country. So you will have a chance to try this :)

  2. Pretty shade!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. Really cute, I want it >.<

  4. Warnanya cakep, murah lagi. Kapan-kapan mau main ke counter pixy ah. Salam kenal ya Indira :D



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