[REVIEW] Pixy : Cleansing Express - Matte & Bright

I'm back with review of makeup remover again, it is from my October haul (see here). This product is multifunction not only work as makeup remover but also as toner. But this far I use this for makeup remover.  When I buy this, I don't have any idea what product it is. I bought this because of the purple color, which is my favorite. Even in the packaging it clearly stated the words 'Cleansing Express' I'm not sure about this cause what I know makeup remover from Pixy is comes in pink bottle.

It comes in transparent bottle, contains 100ml product with main ingredient is water. The price also really cheap! It's under 1 USD. I like the design of packaging, it's simple thought but the design is not out of date.

How to use it just like other makeup remover products.
Pour the liquid onto cotton pad and gently remove your makeup.

Before I tell you more about how this product works on me. I will show you a little test. Yeah sorry I know, it will be better if I show you the video or at least in .gif format version.

List of product I use in 1st picture *left*, from left to right:
Wardah Eye Expert Aqua Lash Mascara (review here)
Maybelline Color Show Lipstick - #403 Plum Perfect (review soon)
Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner - #01 Black (review soon)
Jar of Beauty Cream Blush - Tropical Sunrise (review here)
Second picture in the middle is after 1 swipe, just the mascara a bit faded away. The last picture is after many  swipes more than 5 times. 

This product is not good for remove makeup especially if you wear bold makeup. Already use this more than 2 weeks. I use this product for remove my daily makeup which is sunscreen, bb cream, powder, mascara, and lipgloss. At the first time using this my eyes area feel hurt. But after few times usage, I don't feel it anymore I guess my eyes already getting used with it.  Seriously I need effort when using this as makeup remover. It really wasting my time, also the strong scent from this product cause one of the ingredient is contains perfume which I really hate. Yeah it leaves matte results as it claimed, but I don't feel the bright effect.

Based on my opinion this product is not good to remove makeup maybe will good for toner before you put your mskeup if you don't mind the strong scent.


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  1. It is too bad that this isn't a good product. Nice review, though! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Aku juga pakai ini emanf toner doank sih gunanya menurut ku, tapi makin kesini makim ga cocok, selain bau, tekstur agak berminyak.

    Btw main main ke blog daku yh


    1. Sebelumnya aku bingung ini apaan, tapi banyak yang review ini bagus buat makeup remover, ternyata hasilnya kurang bagus di aku.

  3. wow i love the result!!! /and it's really good idea to take a pics on the kawaii magazine's pages!!! looks great!/

    Thanks for sharing~
    My new post♥

  4. Aku juga sukaa iniii.. entah kenapa udah lama gak beli. beli lagi ah! XD


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