KERA November 2014 Edition - Hairstyle

I can't find Makeup Tutorial in KERA November 2014 just find how to arrange your hair. 
I spotted RinRin, one of my favourite model I really I like her hair color. 

Click to enlarge picture. 

Long hair tutorial by Rinrin.

Medium hair tutorial by Karen.

 I don't know who is she, or maybe I don't realise when I see her in magazine. Seriously her face and hair colour really cute.

Short hair tutorial by Oni.
 As I don't have any interest with this kind of hairstyle, sorry I just took one picture.

Sorry for not take picture more detailed, but I promise next time I will take picture with more good lighting. 


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  1. Oh, all of these are so cute! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. I also like RinRin and the first hairstyle is so cute. <3

  3. hey there :) wow cool styling

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  4. very cute ideas <3 Thanks for sharing c:

  5. Hi i really loved the post!
    I really want to invite you to my give-away~


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