[REVIEW] Wardah : Eye Expert - Aqua Lash Mascara

Hey guys!

I lost my previous mascara [review here], so I bought new one. My new mascara is from Wardah brand, which have halal certificate. Maybe you think this product is my first wardah product, you are wrong. If you follow my instagram I have tried other wardah product. 

Wardah Eye Expert Aqua Lash Mascara

Packaging :
It doesn't come with box, just mascara tube itself with plastic seal. The ingredients list is written in the seal, I already teared up them before I write it so this time I don't write the ingredients list. 

The applicator comes in unique shape. 
6 gram

Under 5 USD

Where to buy:
Wardah Counter, Carefour, Guardian, Watsons. Wardah product is really easy to find in every makeup store I think. 

Left: before use. Right: after use
Zoom the picture, sorry if the picture angle also lighting is different. 
As you can see on picture, the result is natural.

With water based formula it add more volume but not too much, for volume I prefer my previous mascara [click here]. It doesn't clump and really lightweight the result is natural just as it claims. It also waterproof, but not really smudgeproof if you rub it roughly it will faded away. 

What I like :
・Halal certificated
・Natural result
・Wearable for every day

What I dislike :
・Plain packaging
・Doesn't add volume

Overall, this mascara is not for you who look for add more volume but this will be your best choice for people who like natural result or maybe for you who still in high school but want to use mascara to make your eyelashes more visible. It's really lightweight and doesn't clump so the result is really natural.  


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  1. This looks nice, its a shame about the volume ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Nice review!! I'm sorry for asking you, but what's halal? It sounds familiar....but I can't remember what it is!

    1. Thank you for drop by^^
      Halal is describes what is lawful for Muslims to eat, use, etc. Since I live in country where there is many muslims, so this product gives what muslim need. ^^

  3. Oh right! I totally forgot! My Muslim friend must be upset now haha...Thank you for telling me that :)

  4. Wow i love the natural result and it's affordable too, i really want to try it♬


  5. Weird, I haven't seen this in Carrefour before. But that was in Guangzhou. Maybe I should look more into this brand :)

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