All of you must already know Sigma brand.
Sigma is famous because of their brush quality, seriously is so soft. With their more affordable price, more than MAC. 

I just browsing through Sigma web lately, and I have lot of wishlist. 

Here I show you my wishlist, maybe some of them will catch your eyes too.

Color Pop Makeup Kit - Sugar Plum ($29)
This one is so cute full of sweet shade

Color Pop Brush Kit ($29)
It's pink, also polcadot. Can you show me other thinngs much cuter than this?

Travel Kit - Mr. Bunny ($89)
Even we are on vacation, don't forget to bring your brushes to complete your look.
Essential Kit - Make Me Crazy ($178)
All your need is in this brush, I choose this color since it's my favourite.
  Paris Palette - Limited Edition ($59)
As you know that I like eyeshadow palette. This one is really perfect! All the eyeshadow shade is not boring, also blush in available and the brush included. Really want ti have this.

Brow Powder Duo - Dark ($14)
 This shade is the perfect color for my eyebrow.

You know that in fact I wanted to buy them all. But I just write what I most wanted, it's hard to decide though.
What product you would like to try from Sigma?
Tell me in comment section.


Got questions? Ask me in the comment box or e-mail.
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*all picture are credit to Sigma Beauty


  1. I recently reviewed their brow powder and brushes on my blog..love them!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Oh, these all look wonderful! I love the palette packaging ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. waaa palette nya XD make up kitnya jg unyu :3


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