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I'm trying to change my blog template. I like the old one, is cute but the font post is too small I guess. So, I decided to change everything. Since I think white background with 1 column is the best. It looks so clean and tidy. But I think I need to change everything, edit the html and etc. I'm not a pro with html code. So, it will need much time. See you then~ 

Update 21/12/2014
Lol~ I'm give up playing with html code also I don't have much time. So I'm back with the old one.


  1. I love ur previous blog template, but I hope ur new blog template will be more kawaii or something tht really suit with ur personality :D

    1. I want something more mature but still kawaii ;D

  2. I liked your old template, but your new one is really cute too! :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. chayoo de ^^ white background always the best hehehe

  4. the template is so cute.
    before i also used this. but i changed because i dont understand how to manage the sidebar and header. T_T

  5. Your template is very beautiful~ :)


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