[REVIEW] Silky Girl : Moisture Gloss - 16 Rosy Pink

Hy (≧∇≦)

Another Silky Girl review, this time is their lips product, Moisture Gloss. This product comes in 10 shades, all the color is natural perfect for college or work for people who don't like to got many attention because of your make up. Actually I bought this lipgloss long time ago, but just have time to post the review. Let's start ~^^

Silky Girl Moisture Lip Gloss - 16 Rosy Pink

 "Gives a shimery, glossy allure to lips with it's water-like effect and gorgeous shades Catching light at Myriad angles for high shine to lips, you can wear Moisture Gloss Lip Color alone for a fresh, vibrant look or over your lipstick for a fun, vivacious appeal. It is the end to dry chapped lips as its formulated with Aloe Vera extract to keep your puckers moist and soft all day." -from web

Sorry for blur picture, the applicator shape is just like others lipgloss aplicaatorand soft enough to help you apply the lipgloss

Only around 14.+++ IDR (on sale) 

Where to buy:
 I bought mine at Guardians. Available in Guardians, Watsons, Matahari, Silky Girl Counter, Star, etc. 

Nothing special, just like another lipgloss. The body is transparent so we can see clearly the color and we can know how much product left. The shade number is under packaging. 

1.8 gram 


This lip gloss has a very nice colors only in one swipe. The shimmer is not too much (≧▽≦)

Picture is non edited, just add the watermark. You can see my dark circle clearly (-_-:)

I like the result it is very a pretty pink color and looks so natural on my lips also the texture is not sticky and it is really moisturising, as you can see on the right picture my lips is shiny because it's lipgloss. Downside about this one is only the staying power, the longest duration is only 2 hours. Usually I use this after apply lipbalm

Thank you for reading.
See you on next post (≧▽≦)


  1. So cute color!! The packaging is pretty too!

  2. Nice review, this looks really nice. I love the colour. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. dulu pernah beli ini , coba2, tp g tak pake ,soalnya klo pake lipgloss bibir jd tmbah tebel TT.TT

    nice review :D


    1. Aku malah suka keliatan tebel, soalnya bibir yang atas aku tipis :D

  4. Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww love how it looks on you :D

  5. wow, looks so beautiful on you!! Really love it :)

  6. warnanya cakep di kamu :D
    sayangnya aku ga suka pake lipgloss skrg XD setelah kenal liptint :3


    1. Liptint yang udah pernah aku coba selama ini bikin bibir kering parah T-T
      Any recommendations? :D

  7. this lip gloss is one of my old favourite. I've been using it since I was in school and didn't know much about high end brands. Now, after several years using makeup, I still cannot leave this sitting alone in my vanity. ;P my favourite shade is 01 Amber? I forgot. But it's a nice brownish nude on my lip. Try it! :D


    1. Despite of its bad staying power this my favorite so far, already purchased new shade! :D

  8. Sekilas kemasannya mirip lipglossnya lime crime, hehe
    Finishingnya ternyata bagus juga yah pas udah kamu pake, natural jadinya :)


    1. Iya natural kok hasilnya.
      Aku kalau lime crime penasaran sama lipstcknya yang shade wicked! :D


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