KERA December 2014 Edition - Makeup Tutorial

Hey people!

This time I will share you about makeup tutorial that I found in Kera Magazine December 2014 edition. 

KERA is a fresh and fun fashion magazine from the streets of Tokyo. Covering a variety of themes, from Harajuku punk to Goth-Loli, this magazine gives the reader an excellent idea of the fringe, hip fashions that are currently taking Japanese youth by storm. A thick, large magazine of color photos, it contains not only models, but photos of the apparel alone. It is a mixture of the Harajuku punk and gothic crowds, a "power up FRUiTs" with superb photographs, famous models, and tons of fashionable pictures to look at. Features JPOP artists as well as make-up tips and accessory information.-from here

Here I take a pic of tutorial that catch my eyes.
You can click picture to enlarge.

Enjoy ^^

This one is my favourite !

Hope it will be useful for you all to achieve cute, playful, innocent or mature japanese look. 


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  1. Where did you purchase that magazine?:) Thanks for sharing! I will check them out definitely! ^-^

  2. Natural makeup is sure a big hit in Japan nowadays ^_^


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