Project Pan 2016

Hi Everyone,

I admit I'm hoarding makeup, I have way too many makeup especially for people who don't want to put on makeup on their face every day. There won't be spending ban, I can't do that shit. But, I will try so hard to not easily get attracted with any new release (yes, I'm looking to you all korean brand with cute character edition) and discount. 

During my journey, I clearly remember only 3 products which ever hit pan, it is ELF Studio BronzersSilky Girl BB Brightening 2 Way Foundation, and Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. The  ELF Studio Bronzers is only hit pan since it already reach the PAO so I can't use it up, Silky Girl BB Brigtening 2 Way Foundation I can use it up, and Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit I'm still using it now and it's only 1 shade left, more specific it's already hit pan!

My goal is I want to use up or at least hit the pan I listed aboveI'm not including make up remover because even I have 4 products in stock I'm pretty sure they will used up. In other words, I just write products that seems will take long to hit pan, so I need to force myself.  

Canmake Cream Cheek - CL07 & Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush - Pink 
Canmake Cream Cheek is my favourite for special occasion, it stay long and...(I already review this one!), Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush is a perfect product for daily makeup or makeup no makeup look, but it's tricky.

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rose & Beauty Story Fruity Tinted Sweety Lip Balm - Orange  
I usually can finish lip balm in maximum 3 months. I didn't know why since middle 2015 I haven't finished even just one lip balm. Nivea Lip Butter is just so damn good! Smells so good and highly recommended for dry and chapped lips. Beauty Story Fruity Tinted Sweety Lip Balm is just like the name, it give orange color when applied on lips but it sheer.

Emina Bare With Me Mineral Loose Powder - Ebony & Emina City Chic CC Cake - Latte
I think I have a lot of Emina products in my makeup drawer, they are good and suits for teenager but if you have a lot of problems in your face I don't recommend their products to you. I use Emina Bare With Me Loose Powder at first but after I read a lot of good review of Emina City Chic CC Cake I started using it and I'm using it daily.

Zoya Cosmetics Blotting Powder & LA Girl HD Pro Concealer - Warm Honey
As I have combination skin, my face produce sebum so fast so I really need blotting powder and I love this Zoya Cosmetics Blotting Powder because it really works on me. LA Girl HD Pro Concealer is have way too many shade, it was so hard to choose what shade since I only depend from swatches from other bloggers or vloggers lucky me I pick the right shade and yes this one is really recommended!

Canmake Highlighter - 05 & Make Over Hydration Serum
If you really want a perfect looking highlighting skin this Canmake Highlighter isn't for you, but for daily basis and not overly sparkling this product can be your option. Make Over Hydration Serum is works good on me, hydrating and make my makeup stay long.

I don't include eyeshadow and lipstick since it seems impossible to finish it, but I hope some eyeshadow and lipstick will be on my project pan list next year. I'm still not sure can I use up all until end of 2016 since I don't use blush on daily, but well I hope it can hit the pan! I actually use some of them regularly even without this project but I need little push so I make this project. 

Are you doing project pan too this year? What item(s) on your list? Please let me know ^^

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  1. wnw ultimate brow kit is my hg brow powder evahhh.... aku juga berencana ngabisin ai nivea lip butter. oh ya kak, la girl pro concealnya dipakai buat undereye atau apa? you're right, there were too many shades dan aku bingung pilih yang mana soale cuma bisa beli online dan ngandelin swatch orang orang aja. makasihh~

    Blacksugar 1st Giveaway^^

    1. aku pakai buat undereyes.
      iya wnw juga HG ku, bingung mau repurchase atau gak soalnya penasaran juga sama produk lain.

  2. hihhih kaka iam so accited to your blog come and see my blog

  3. I'm hoarding makeup too! I'm always buying and waiting to use it until I can review it, but I never get to review anything so it just sits on my counter for a while >_< I'm interested in knowing how the blotting powder works out, please review if you get the chance!

    1. Ah sorry I reviewed that one before but not in english :)

  4. Hi..Indira
    very nice blog and absolutely become your new follower :)
    love your blog design, clean and easy to read
    your picture are so clear, may I know what camera do you use ?
    by the way I'm a new comer in makeup world, never knew that this could be so much fun, I mean buying some makeup stuff and play with it.. LOL
    but I still have to learn on blogging.

    please kindly visit my blog on

    1. Ah thankyou!
      I'm using my smartphone camera, Samsung GT-I9082 I usually take picture at 9am-1pm to get the good lighting without photoshopped :)

  5. Ahhhh... Lip butternya sama.. aku juga lagi berusaha untuk hit pan yang itu. Abis belum habis udah naksisr yang lain... Hihihihhihi....

    1. aku belum naksir sama yang lain, masih suka yang ini heheh :D

  6. A lot cute products! Good luck with this project, Indira. I am actually also doing this project this year, together with a makeup low-buy challenge. I hope we can make it this year. Good luck. :)


  7. project pan aku yang tahun kemaren aja belom kelar diraaa haha tapi bronzer aku yg ELF juga udah hit pan, seneng banget rasanya tapi bingung juga karna blush nya baru ke toel dikit doang -___-
    aku juga belakangan ini sering pake concealer LA Girl yang shade natural buat pengganti BB Cream, kayaknya sih bakal cepet habis juga deh

    Sitha |

    1. itu aku suka banget deh sama elf warm bronzer, murah tapi pigmented haha!
      aku juga sih ernah nyampur la girl concealer sama moisturizer gitu kak.


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