Korean Drama I Watch(ed) Recently - 2

So since few months ago it's so hard to find updated website where I can download Japanese drama. Well, I found some website but the file size is just too big and it's not suits my shitty shit internet connection.

If you don't have date or planning tonight, how about check drama I write below?

Splash Splash Love
I think TV Movie is trending in Korea right now, this one only have 2 episode, too bad I wish they have more sequel! Have fantasy elemence, like when she jumped into puddle she transfered into Joseon period. Oh how I wish it can happen for real, I want jump  into puddle and back to my childhood so I can meet my mom. 

Jang Dan Bi is a highschool student and she want to escape from university entrance exam and then she ran away to the playground and jumped into puddle and when she realize she is in Joseon period. He meet King Lee Do and you know what? She teach the king math lesson. Also she is the reason why King Lee Do made hangeul character. 

The chemistry between them is undeniable, well played and really satisfied me. I'm crying when they separated. I can learn a bit of Korea from this TV Movie. 


Oh My Venus
I'm totally out of this word for this drama. Romance and comedy. Totally entertaining! Seo Ji Sub *am I write his name right?* is totally hot

The Heirs
While waiting for on-going drama I find another drama. The Heirs was aired on 2013. This is the mainstream type, where rich people fall in love with poor people and then their family opposite them. I'm not impressed by the story, but 20 episode is enough to fill my free time. Also the actor is such an eyecandy!


I'm not into this kind of drama : Melodrama and Tragedy. First time aired on 9 December 2015 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.00 PM. 

Seo Jin Woo (the man in picture above) he can remember every thing in very perfect detail but his father is have Alzheimer. His dad has been wrongfully convicted as murderer. The real murderer is a man named Nam Gyu Man, but because he is so fucking rich he made Seo Jin Woo's dad as the murderer. 

Ugh I really hate Nam Gyu Man he is a total lunatic. Everytime I saw him I want to kill him. I wish that kind of man really not exist in real.  


Cheese In The Trap
This drama is based on the webtoon. First time aired on 4 January 2016. I haven't read the webtoon version so I'm unsure the story is same or not. 

From synopsis I found is the Yoo Jung played by Park Hae Jin he is have a dark side but until 6 episode I watched I'm still can't figure it out what is his dark side, Yoo Jung make my mind tangled. This drama is so funny also mysterious. 

I hope Yoo Jung is not psycho or whaetever, I really hope evertything is just misunderstoond. Many people want Hong Seol dated Baek In Ho in the end. But, I shipped Yoo Jung and Hong Seol maybe because I like the typical of mysterious man, not the one who always talk. Been watching each episode 4 times already. Can' wait until next episode!


That's all korean drama I watched recently. My favorite is Cheese In The Trap the reason why I can wake up early every Tuesday, and if you read the webtoon please tell me about Yoo Jung, I'm so lazy to read!

If you want to know where I watched it all, go check myasiantv or myasianfever .

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  1. my bestfriend keeps insisting me to watch splash" love and cheese in the trap. Tapi lagi nunggu waktu buat move on dari Reply1988:') nonton itu juga nggak kak? keren abis loh

    Blacksugar by Adhelia Fa

    1. cheese in the trap is the only reason I want monday come faster.
      Aku lihat di forum kok banyak yang kecewa sama endingnya 1988 ya :o

  2. fav q splash splash love sma cheese in the trap XD haha
    pling suka klo genre rom-com XD

    1. aaa iya aku juga sukanya yang rom-com, kalau yang kaya remember bikin stress and kesel sendiri liatnya.

      aaaa sunbae waktu senyum manis tapi tetap mysterious

    2. hihi y ampun g kebayang pny sunbae kek jung gitu XD rajin ngampus kali yahh wkwk
      I ship jung-seol couple jg XD haha,
      sma webtoonnya hampir sma kok, cm agak diacak gitu critanya, mngkn krna drmanya cm 16 ep kali yah, jadi bru ep 2 uda jadian aja jung-seol XD di webtoon bru di season 2 kayaknya mrk pacaran XD

    3. Iya, Seol ah kamu beruntung banget > 3 <
      Sayang cuma 16 episode iiih T-T

  3. I also watch cheese in the trap because I already read half of the webtoon story, the sunbae is really mysterious. The webtoon version is too long and I quit mysef to read. For splash splash love and remember, I already download them but I still encourage myself to watch it. Oh, and recently I also watch One more happy ending

    1. So many drama to watch so little time I have. I just watched Madame Antoine this morning and it I'm adding it to must watch list too.
      The drama is like LTE version from webtoon series :D

  4. I suggest you to watch Oh My Gosh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i love cheese in the trap as well but im more baek in ho side :p

    1. thanks for your recommendation! :)
      they are more suits as bestfriend I think :p

  5. Suka banget sama oh my venus, duh ji sub itu ganteng banget banget banget! Aktingnya bagus pula, suka banget!


    1. ah iyaaa. gantengnya yang tipikal laki banget pula x)

    2. betuuul, terkadang kalau liat cowok, gantengnya melambai, jadi rada gimana gitu XD kalau ji sub mah, gantengnya maksimal, lakiiii banget hahaha

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