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After absent from giving discount information for last 2 months, it's back again. And from now on all info about discount will be posted every friday. For today, just as the post title I will share with you all my recommendation and products listed you can buy it on Wishtrend. 

1. Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (buy here) 
I haven't review this one on my blog. But, I wrote about this product on my instagram. When I wearing this bb cream and then touch my face, my skin feel supple and feel better. What I dislike is just about the shade, it not suits my medium to tan skin color so I need to apply powder with darker color after. Oh ya just want to tell this BB Cream can't cover dark circle perfectly, so you need concealer too. If you buy Klairs BB Cream and Concealer (buy here) in set you can save up some bucks.

2. Cushion Case with Cover Stickers (buy here)
Cushion is still trending, if you are bored with cushion design let's design your own cushion and made your own cushion too!

3. Berrisom Animal Mask Series (buy here)
Queen of selfie? No more boring and plain mask sheet. Let's take cute selfie while take care of your skin too

That's my top 3 recommendation. Now let's jump to the discount and freebies you will get.

January Coupon Code

  • 10% off on all order, spend +$50. Coupon Code : NEWCOUPON2016

  • Free gift for +$30 order. Coupon Code : SKQINSISSIMASK2016

         You will get :

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