June 2016 Favourites

Hi all! It’s me Indira and welcome (back) to my blog.

This post is in Bahasa and English.

Siapa yang belum mudik? Waaa aku juga belum ketauan mudik atau gak. Masih menikmati menjalani puasa di luar planet (baca : bekasi). Seperti biasa di awal bulan setiap hari minggu, aku akan share barang-barang fav aku dari bulan sebelumnya.

I'm back with monthly post. It's about favorite beauty products from last month!

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On June I didn't try so many new skincare or makeup. Most of products I mentioned below is after I diggin' my skincare and makeup box. As usual product I have reviewed before is in pink font, just click it to get more full information!

Disclosure : Word in pink font followed with * are affiliate link. Read more here.

Half Moon Eyes - Pink Fruity
This wash-off mask is really do a good job. Just like in advertisement picture, sebum out - moisture in. I also see this does minimize my pores.

This lipbalm scent is a mix of cocoa and cinnamon, super sweet. My lips-saver during this fasting month.

Beauty Story - Pearl Primer Smooth & Luminous
First time I swatched it I was thought are they sure it's primer. I was thought it's luminizer or something like liquid highlighter because it so glowing and so damn pearly after I swatched on the back of my hand. Gladly when I applied it on my face the result is not too much, I'm not looking like disco ball. 

Kiko Smart Lipstick
One of my favorite lipstick! It's red but still looks natural because I can control the pigmentation. 

Canmake Eyebrow Liquid
After almost one year finally I know how to use this to make natural result. It won't budge at all with bare hand.

Emina - Cheeklit Pressed Blush Marshmallow Lady
This blush color is just right for my skin give natural flushed result and stay quite long with primer beforehand.

Canmake Cheek & Bronzer 
When I want more shimmery blush I pick this one. Actually the blush is matte but the bronzer color didn't show up on my skin. So I swirl them to get shimmery blush.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this post!

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  1. Aku suka lipbalmnya utama spice, menolong banget apa lagi puasa gini bibir kan suka kering hihi


  2. Beauty story emang bagus deh base2nya. Gue punya cc cream sama tinted moisturizernya suka banget hasilnya di kulit dua-duanya bikin kulit keliatan lebih bagus gimana gitu. Cuma sayang oil controlnya parah banget. Tetep pake terus sih, abis suka banget sama hasilnya pas pertama kali pake haha

    1. vaniiiiii itu cc cream nya pernah ngebuat muka jadi pink, tapi sekarang udah gak, ah padahal suka muka jd ngepink gitu

  3. Great favorites! I need to try out that Canmake eyebrow liquid. I'm always trying to find the best product to make my eyebrows look full, yet natural.


  4. Saya juga suka banget sama produk emina :)

  5. Aku juga cinta banget sama lipbalm-nya utama spice ini, awalnya beli karna iseng ternyata malah jadi must have item >___< Oiya, penasaran deh sama masker Half Moon Eyes-nya direview dong :D


  6. Dir, gw ngeliat blush on nya emina jadi keinget punya gw >.< udah coplok tutupnya, hahahahaa.. tapi tetep gw sayang-sayang diiket pake karet gelang sekarang mah


  7. Lipstick kiko nya wangi ya? Hhmm... Penasaran sama half moon eyes pinky fruits itu, lucu ya packaging nya

  8. eyebrow liquid bentukannya kayak apa tuh, dir?
    Aku penasaran jugaa sama primernya emina, boleh doong reviewnya :)

    XOXO, Cilla

  9. Pengen nyobaik Kiko smart lipstiknya, di OL shop ada kan ya?

  10. I would love to try the Half Moon Eyes wash-off masks! The packaging looks so cute and colorful! 😍

    Lona | lonajasmiin.com 💖


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