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Kali ini aku mau review contact lens dari brand lokal yang baru rilis beberapa bulan yang lalu dan warna dari contact lens ini bisa di bilang paling ekstrim yang pernah aku beli. Awalnya aku mau beli Nobluk sih, tapi karena banyak yang bilang Nobluk itu ada yang palsunya, ribet deh kalau mesti beda-bedain yang asli dan palsu, jadinya aku beli dari brand Exoticon aja. Udah lama juga gak pakai contact lens dari brand ini, dulu aku pernah pakai beberapa dari tipe X2.

This time I wanna share with you all review of contact lenses from local brand in Indonesia. This brand is well-known for the variety of design and more.


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At first I wanna try product from Nobluk, but after researching they are so many fake version of that lenses, so I decided to buy these one. I bought one pair from their Ice Silver line, because I want to try contact lens with super light grey color to change my whole look. 

Diameter : 15 mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 6 month
Made in : Korea
Distributed by : PT. Katamata
Price : Rp 55.000

The packaging is come in square box designed with flower picture. The flower picture and 'silver' word are embossed. I think the design is not suits these lenses. 


Complete information is printed on every side of box. The word 'not for online sale' also printed there, but I bought it vi online shop XD


In one box you will get one pair of contact lenses with some power on blister and an instruction paper, so if your minus between two eyes are so diffferent I suggest you to buy two box.

Here is the instruction paper. This really helps for first time contact lenses user to wear it the right way. It's printed on english and bahasa.

Just like the name the lenses color is dominated with light grey color it's almost transpaent. While I took picture with white background the lenses color and design didn't show up well.

The lens color is light grey at outer part with yellow dots in middle part. Both side of lens color looks same, it's hard for me to know which side for outside and inside. That's why I personally prefer contact lenses with different color at outside and inside part.

Even the lenses diameter is 15 mm but I didn't see enlargement effect when wearing them. But it really change my iris color.


Compared to my other contact lenses, these lenses feels more thick, well I didn't have hard time when try to put them. At first 2 hours these lenses feels comfortable but after 4 hours it started to dry. Even I use eyedrops it still fell uncomfortable.

COLOR : 3/5
DESIGN : 3/5

Overall, I think these contact lenses is  suitable for you with dark brown eyes who wants to change your eye color temporary. These also can make you look mysterious. However  I think every time I wearing them, I need to wear heavy eye makeup to balance it.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this review!

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  1. Aw, too bad you didn't like these lenses that much :( it's weird how there's not enlarging effect despite it being 15 mm.

  2. Pattern nya cakeeeeeeeeeep indiraaaaaaa.. ya ampun.. aku mau ini..

  3. Warna begini aku suka, harganya murah banget ya. Terjangkau gt. Cuma sayang banget klo ngga nyaman dipake :(

  4. They look surprising small for 15mm :o but the colour is pretty!

  5. Keren banget lensnya, sayang sampe skrg belom bisa pake lens sendiri hiks jaid ga bakal bisa beli untuk beli.


  6. aku juga punya nih, dan iya banget aku ngerasa aneh kalau pake ini tanpa make up. serem jadinya muka ku hahaha :p

    salam kenal ya,

  7. I definitely love these lenses!!! My goodness, I'm the type of person who loves to pick gray lenses like this one that totally changes how I look. :D

  8. Though it doesn't give an enlargement effect. I still love how it enhanced your eye. Your eye makeup is so gorgeous! Nice review!


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