Contact Lenses : Bunny 3 Color Gray*

Hy! Another lens review again. I got this lens together with Madonna Brown which I have reviewed a week ago.
Hallo, kali ini aku ada review lens lagi. Aku dapat lens ini bersamaan dengan Madonna Brown yang udah pernah aku review seminggu yang lalu.
Bunny 3 Color Gray

As usual the lens comes with box illustrated with pretty girl picture and inside were a pair of circle lenses in glass vials, lens case and tweezer. You can see circle lens manual in the back side, it really helps first-time circle lens user.
Seperti biasanya lens dari klenspop di packing dengan box yang ada gambar perempuan yang cantik terus didalamnya ada sepasang circle lens, tempat lens sama tweezer. Dibagian belakangnya juga ada info tentang pemakaian circle lens yang sangat ngebantu banget buat orang yang baru pertama kali pakai circle lens.

This time the packaging design is dominated with yellow color and there is a girl with pink hair. It almost similar with Bunny Color Brown, the difference is Bunny Color Brown packaging is dominated with pink background.
Packaging dari Bunny 3 Color Gray ini di dominasi sama warna ungu dan ada gambar perempuan dengan warna rambut pink, kalau perbedaannya dengan Bunny Color Brown itu dia di packagingnya lebih di dominasi sama warna pink di backgroundnya.
Bunny 3 Color Gray

Manufacturer : 
Diameter : 
14.50 mm
Graphic Diameter : 
13.30 mm
Water Content : 
Base Curve : 
Life Span : 
6 Month
Country of Origin :
South Korea
Price : 
Includes 1 pair of circle lenses with bonus case and tweezer.
*available in minus power range*

Bunny 3 Color Gray

Each side lens color is only have slightly different. The lens color is dark grey in outer area and then light grey and yellow in the middle area. This lens color is really blends nicely with my eyes color even the color is grey it can cover my dark brown eyes perfectly, it looks like my natural eyes color is grey and not forget to mention this lens looks good even without makeup.
Masing-masing sisi dari lens ini warnanya hampir sama. Warna dari lens ini bagian luarnya itu abu-abu tua terus abu-abu muda sama warna kuning ditengahnya. Warna dari lens ini tuh menyatu banget sama mata aku yang warnanya dark brown, jadi warna mata asli aku tuh seperti abu-abu terus tetap kelihatan natural walau tanpa makeup.

Bunny 3 Color Gray

This lens is not give enlargement effect on my eyes even the diameter is bigger than Bunny Color Brown, so this lens effect is more to change the eyes color. 
Meskipun lens ini diameternya lebih besar dari Bunny Color Brown tapi sama sekali gak ada efek membesarkan waktu aku pakai, jadi efek dari lens ini tuh lebih untuk ganti warna.

When wearing this I still feel have something on my eyes, but i's not a big deal. Sadly, I can't wear this lenses more than 2 hours even not in room with AC. If I wear this more than 2 hours I will have bloodshot eyes and eye drops can't do much about this problem. Then, I can wear this on the next day again. Well, about comfortable is really depends on every individual eyes condition ^^.
Waktu pakai lens ini aku tetap ngerasa ada sesuatu di mata aku, tapi gak yang ganngu kok. Sayangnya, aku gak bisa pakai lens ini lebih dari 2 jam walaupun di ruangan yang tanpa AC. Kalau pakai ini lebih dari 2 jam, mata aku jadi merah dan pakai tetes mata juga gak ngerubah apa-apa. Aku bisa pakai lens ini di hari berikutnya, jadi ya dalam 1 hari cuma bisa pakai 2 jam aja. Ya kalau tentang kenyamanan sih lebih tergantung kondisi mata masing-masing orang ya ^^. 

Bunny 3 Color Gray

COLOR : 5/5
DESIGN : 5/5
COMFORT : 2.5/5

Overall, I really deeply fall in love with this lens design also how it looks that completely change my eyes color, too bad I can only wear this in short time. If only this lens more comfortable, this will be my most favorite lens.


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If you have questions don't be afraid to contact their customer service here.

Disclaimer :
"This product was sent to me for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 
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  1. packagingnya lucu yahh >3< ini 3tones yah, duh jd pngen beli yg 3tone lg haha XD
    sayang bgt yah lensanya g begitu nyaman pas km pake , pdhal bgus warnanya T.T

    1. Iyaaa, padahal aku suka banget sama warnanya waktu udah dipake. Cuma 2 jam itu udah maksimal banget di aku, aku baca yg lain sih nyaman2 aja T^T

  2. Oh my! The colour is absolutely beautiful. I love seeing lens reviews, I'm always on the search for my newest favourite. It's a real shame about the comfort level, but in any case, it looks amazing.

  3. These suit you so well! Thanks for the review~

  4. These look so pretty on you, it's too bad that they're not comfortable ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Oh wow I love this colour, it kind of has a blue tinge! Hopefully the next pair of lenses will be more comfortable! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  6. love grey colors lenses in general but my eyes are too dark for the color to show :(

  7. Thats so pretty. And the packaging is so cute. I can't wear any lens. I really envy everyone who could wear any lens without irritation.

  8. Such a unique color of lens and they are looking really pretty on you.

  9. The lenses are beautiful and you look awesome. But I am very skeptical about contact lenses even though sometimes I do have to wear them.

  10. That is too bad about the comfort level because the color is GORGEOUS!

  11. wow, it's really cheap and the packaging is cute! but we can no longer buy lens online here in sg. :(

  12. Circle lenses review are making me frustrated.I ended up throwing mine because my mother was against me wearing it.But just recently,her mind changed.She told me she will allow me to wear circle lenses as long as I don't wear everyday. Hahaha much better than her first decision.Now,I won't be jealous as I read your review LOL.By the way,the lenses looks good on you.I personally like gray lenses aside from black and brown. :)

  13. Wow they look super pretty on your eye~ :) i love the colour! too bad its not comfortable

  14. warna abu-abunya bagus deh.
    kebetulan lagi cari warna yang kayak begini.
    thank you for the recommendation ya :)

  15. These look great on you, shame you could feel them when wearing them. It would irritate me too much

  16. Oooo contacts!! I find grey eyes very mesmerising =) Nice choice. You look great! =D

  17. In love with that colour, too bad that the lens is not comfortable enough !

    Style..A Pastiche! - Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  18. I hate the face that I have super sensitive eyes. Btw u look stunning.
    - Heena,

  19. Wow! This does look pretty on your eyes - it definitely change the color completely. As much as I love to look at contact lenses I never had that gusto of wanting to wear them - I'm too scared to poke my eyes out haha

  20. i had lenses similar to these and they didnt suit me

  21. The color is nice, but it's too bad that they are not comfortable enough.

  22. I have super sensitive eyes! at first i got really interested buy when you said you can't wear more than two hours then obviously it's a no to me :/
    im really looking for some good quality lens that is suitable for extremely sensitive eyes like mine!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  23. Thanks for sharing. However, I still wearing Freshkon contact lenses more than other brand.

  24. wow look realy beautiful on you!!i cant wear lens for long it irritates my eyes...


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