[NEW RELEASE] Jill Stuart 2015 Fall Collection

Do you know Jill Stuart ?
"Jill Stuart is an American fashion designer based in New York City, where she has been operating since 1988. She established her eponymous label in 1993. She also has a significant international client base, particularly in Japan." from wikipedia

I really fall in love with the new collection of Fall 2015.

2015 Fall collection is include Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush, Gel Liner, and Nail Lacquer.

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress

Price : 3.000 Yen (Not include tax)
Available in 10 colors (1 Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Ribbon Couture Eyes
Price : 5.000 Yen (Not include tax)
Available in 2 Palette (5 colors in each palette, Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N
Price : 4.500 Yen (Not include tax)
Available in 2 Palette (4 colors in each palette, Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Stay True Gel Liner

Price : 2.300 Yen (Not include tax)
Available in 1 color (Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R
Price : 1.500 Yen (Not include tax)
Available in 3 colors (1  Limited Edition)

All products will be available on store from 31 July 2015

Jill Stuart product is relatively affordable in my opinion. I mean look at that so damn beautiful design, I think it's really worth the price!

I think will buy the lipstick, but not sure what shade to pick, the lipstick from number 5-9 is so pretty I can't pick one or should I buy all? No, I will just get one, it really wasting my money if I buy 5 lipstick LOL. 

*This is not advertorial post

*All picture credit to Jill Stuart website

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  1. Oh, these all look lovely! They're so pretty ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. i love the designs of jill stuart but i feel like some of the products are quite mediocre...
    I still of course buy it because of the packaging anyway hahaha!
    I just really hate how everything is limited edition and then the prices become x2 more on ebay or something T-T

  3. terlalu cantik packagingnya ra awkwakwak :p


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