[FIRST IMPRESSION] Care Lab : Powerful Pudding Mask with Booster Powder*

How often you wear mask in a week? When I'm not lazy and busy I wear mask every two days, when I'm lazy only once a week. Today post is about Care Lab Powerful Pudding Mask with Booster Powder which you can get from Wishtrend. This mask is available in 4 different versions. Each Care Lab Powerful Pudding Mask comes in thick plastic bag containing two component of the mask, brochure, and instruction paper.

They looks delicious, like a pudding.

Available in 4 type, mine is the last one which is D.

The two component of each mask is comes in different container. The pudding mask is is in square plastic container, and the booter powder is ini smaller round container.

When I opening up the pudding mask container, I can smell something very strong even when I opened it I have influenza, it proves that the pudding mask scent is super strong and the pudding mask inside is so soft just like a real pudding.

And for the booster powder I don't smell something, maybe there is but I don't notice it since I had influenza at that time. Some powder was stuck like a block

You get instruction paper inside, but it's written in Korean. Thanks it have picture illustration which helping to uderstand it.
But here is the instruction from Wishtrend web
 1) Mix up pudding mask with booster powder for 30 seconds. 
2) Apply on face area, from cheek to forehead and chin.
3) Apply once again in the same direction. 
4) 20~30 minutes after, remove the mask pack from chin to forehead.

After mixing them the consistency is like a gel. It feels so cold (of course laa I store them on refrigerator) Actually this mask is too much for one usage, but at that time I'm to lazy to store it again so I apply it again all over my face. I can't apply it evenly T^T

I didn't see any significant effect, and I'm sure everything need process so the effect won't be visible only after one time usage but I'm really enjoyed this mask, the strong scent was the only problem for me.

RATING: 2.5/5

Where to Buy?
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  1. Hahaha yeah i feel like you won't get much results from one time useage but the idea of it looks really fun!! and the packaging is sooooooooooo cute!!! *-*

  2. Im a sucker for facial mask! Gotta try this!


  3. Wow thanks for your review on this! I'e been eyeing this mask for a while ever since they did their mask 101 guide! I brought a lot of face sheet masks but haven't used them LOL oh lord.

    Petite Cherry Review @ bijou-heart

  4. aww, it looks so interesting, but too bad you didn't see a difference. i wish i could use a mask everyday too but i'm too lazy :(((

  5. This sounds really nice! I've been meaning to try more masks ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Lom pernah nih coba masker jelly" ini haha~



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