[REVIEW] Yukkiyuna Eyelashes

Hello everyone!

This time post is related with previous post. Yukkiyuna Eyelashes, this one have me skilled at wear eyelashes. Now there’s no more gap between eyelashes band and my real lash line when wearing eyelashes. So happy ☃

⚛ Packaging ⚛
So cute and feminine. The design is very girly that made me choose this one as local eyelashes I purchased for the first tim. The box doesn't easily broke. 

⚛ Quality ⚛
With this affordable price, is worth to try. You can use it many times well it's depends on how you clean it.

Now, let's see one by one. Click more πŸ”œ

⏩ Sweet Delight ⏩
This one is good for daily use. The clear band make it so natural when use, even I need to trim it a bit cause it a bit long.

⏩ Dolly Kiss ⏩

 ⏩ Queen Allure ⏩

⏩ Queen Luxury ⏩

⏩ Perfect Bless ⏩

⏩  Perfect Joyful ⏩

☺ Easy to buy in Indonesia
☺ Affordable price
☺ Made from human hair
☺Easy to reshape
☺ Can be use many times also easy to clean.
☺ Have so many design 

☹ I don't like some of the band.

�� INDIRA ��


  1. Love the Queen Allure, they look amazing ヽ(●´∀`●)οΎ‰♡


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