[REVIEW] GARNIER Lightening Peel-Off Mask

Hello. I’m still in the middle of holiday.

Do you like using mask? How many times you use it in one week? 

I’m always using mask once every week or twice when I feel my face is in very bad condition. 
And one of my favorite mask is from Garnier. 

GARNIER Skin Naturals Pure Lemon Essence Lightening Peel- Off Mask. 

Garnier is one of well-known product in Indonesia which is the main ingredient product is from nature and also you can easily find  this product. *READ MORE*

▲In one packaging there is 2 sachet of mask. That you can tear-off one by one every time you want to use it.
▲Simple and travel friendly.  

"This peel-off mask is a real “anti-dull skin” solution to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells that darken complexion. It instantly reveals a brighter complexion. You recover a naturally healthy looking glow and skin texture is refined."

The color is transparent yellow and the texture is so sticky.

About how to use..
①On perfectly cleansed face, apply the mask in a thin and even layer. *I feel a cool sensation when apply.*
②Leave for approximately 15 minutes, until the mask has completely dried. *For me I like to leave it more than 15minutes.*
③Then slowly peel the mask off starting from the bottom of your face.
④Rinse your face with warm water to remove any residue. *For me, after rinse my face with warm water, I also wash my face with cleansing foam once again.* 

In fact, one sachet of this mask volume is too much for me. Even I have big and so round face there’s so many leftover. So I re-apply again in some of my face area.

♡ Affordable price.
♡ Doesn’t need much space.
♡ Easy to find,  in minimarket, hypermart, etc.
♡ Easy to peel-off, won’t hurt your face.
♡ After usage, your face will looks glowing.

∴The smell is too strong till made my eyes hurt.


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