Introduce To You : Yukkiyuna Eyelashes

Hello, I haven’t make a blogpost for these 3 months or more.. But I do leave some comments when I read other post. Sorry I don’t have time to make a post, cause it will takes many time to write and take a good picture. Once again, sorry!

This time post will be a short introduction about product below.

This product above are falsies that I’ve been eyeing and when I try them, I really love it. 

Yukkiyuna, is a local brand falsies from my country. I bet this product is well known to all of Indonesia beauty blogger. 

About Yukkiyuna..
"Yukkiyuna Eyelashes is a eyelashes made by Indonesian craftsmen. Made from real human hair, which make it looks natural when you use it. Can be used several times with a proper care. Come with so many beautiful options of lashes. Show your beautiful eyes with Yukkiyuna."

 ๐Ÿ”… Product Info ๐Ÿ”…
↪Name: Yukkiyuna Eyelashes
↪Content: A Pair of Eyelashes from Human Hair
↪Made In: Indonesia

๐Ÿ’ฐ Price ๐Ÿ’ฐ
Rp 15.000/ pair
  Rp 5.000/ mini glue
Their cute packaging makes me wanna try them out. And also they have 4 series, each series have 8 different designs. So the total of lashes they have are 32 pairs. So many ♥

◉ Sweet Series ◉
This series is for upper. Good for daily use and looks so natural.
◉ Dolly Series ◉ 
This series is for upper. More thick than sweet series, helps you to make dolly looks.

◉ Queen Series ◉
This series is for upper. This series have so many of bold falsies, good for glamorous looks and very recommended for night party.

◉ Perfect Series◉
This series is for under. Help you to complete your looks and you can match this series with that 3 upper series.

picture credit to Yukkiyuna


 And what I bought about a month ago are Queen Luxury, Queen Allure,  Sweet Delight, Perfect Joyfull and Perfect Bless.
That's my short introduction about Yukkiyuna Eyelashes. 
Wait for more review of each pair and FOTD, okay?


If you want to try them out, you can contact Yukkiyuna:
SMS / WHATSAPP: 0898 0570 630
BB PIN: 7BF8670B
LINE: yukkiyuna

For me I bought the eyelashes from Yukkiyuna reseller, to cut the shipping cost.
SMS: 0888  0116 5693
BB PIN: 759F1C52
LINE: shintapsm

Don't be afraid to ask Yukkiyuna or their other reseller about this lashes.


  1. suka banget emang si yukkiyuna ini :)
    salam kenal ya..

    btw, aku follow blog kamu aimi.. bolehkan minta follbacknya ;)

  2. Harganya terjangkau ya untuk lashes dr human hair..

    1. Iya ce, klaim nya dari human hair. Tapi ada beberapa lashes yg mengkilap ga natural gitu :(

  3. sepertinya bagus ya :))
    anyway, i've followed you. mind to follback? hihi

  4. Hello Aimi!!! ^__^ sorry for just realising that you've been following me for a while ^_^ I've followed back!

    Anyway.. so many variants available for this products! I can't say much about false lashes since I'm not a fan nor user of this beauty tool (yet!) :p

    please visit my blog and leave comments sometime ^_^

    Hullo Rella!! Thank you much for visiting and following me! I've followed you back!! ^_^

    Anyway... good luck for the giveaway! ^__^

    please don't mind visiting and commenting in my blog! and let's keep in touch!


    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (


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