[REVIEW] Yukkiyuna Eyelashes : Sweet – Delight

Heyhey I’m back again, trying to be productive blogger this holiday(≧▽≦)

Sorry nah, Actually I was planning to post review of all Yukkiyuna eyelashes I have only in one post. But that will be so long post. So I decided to post it one by one. 

Yukkiyuna Eyelashes : Sweet – Delight

All the yukkiyuna packaging they produce is with pink designed hard carton, and make it not easy to break. Well, about packaging and etc you can check here.

This one is so good for natural eye make up. The length is just perfect for my like , the volume also good for me.  I really like this one from  all of Yukkiyuna Eyelases I have.

▶High Quality with affordable price.
▶Reusable (it depends on how you clean it)


Love, Indira.


  1. natural banget ya bulu matanya <3
    suka deh sama designnya..

    1. Aku juga suka banget sama designnya. Makasih udah mampir ya^^


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