[UNBOXING] Special Package from MAKEOVER Instagram Giveaway

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Ahaa, I’m tired of changing the keyboard. I will post it using english.
About a week ago I joined a giveaway hosted by @makeoverid. And you know what? I won šŸ™Œ

The reason why I join not because I only want the prize, but because I do love their products! 

What I love about MAKEOVER? 
First, From the packaging: Mostly local product designs is so yesterday *ughh hate it, but this one is not! The packaging really looks like high-end brand. Some local brand must learn from MAKEOVER. *just my opinion*  
Second, about the quality: This far some of MAKEOVRE product that I ever tried, not one of them that disappoint me.
Third, after we talk about the packaging and quality. People will curious about the price? The price range is start from IDR 35.000 until IDR 289.000. They offer a super reasonable and affordable price with the great quality.

If you ask me what is local brand makeup that I like the most? MAKEOVER is in number 1 in my list. And MAKEOVER also beat NYX(Overseas Product) . Well, sound excessive. But, this is one fact about me!

Feels like I ever saw this box before. oh yeah, This is the box from their latest new product.
I was envy with other blogger that was invited to the launching of, "LE SECRET FANTAISIE". Luckily, I get this one. I was planning to buy the Trivia Eyeshadow: Enchanting Nude Spell, and Dolly Crush when I read the event report.You know what? I got Enchanting Nude Spell ☃
The prize come only 2 days after I mail them my address. Wooho, I think it will takes so long. Based my own experience,  usually a giveaway that hosted by well-known brand will sent the prize not this fast. Triple Thumbs up for MAKEOVER! This make me loves this brand more ♡

Now, let’s look what is in the box.
Picture from my instagram @aimi269
 Congratulation Card, 2 Voucher,  Booklet of their latest collection that was released few months ago,  Catalogue. Product➡ Trivia Eye Shadow: Enchanting Nude Spell, Ultra Shine Lipstick: 13 Everlasting Kiss, Eyeliner Pencil: Brown Latte.


Booklet of MAKEOVER new product. 4 New Trivia Eyeshadow and 1 Nude Lipstick


Full list of their product also price included.


Trivia Eye Shadow: Enchanting Nude Spell "The Lady"

Price: IDR 79.000 – Expired 060317 
Description: Natural, Classy, Elegant, Simple, Enchanting, Ladylike, Classy, Sophisticated.

Seriously who choose this one for my prize? She/He really know me the best. 
Since I  really like natural nude make up. This one really useful for me. 

Ultra Shine Lipstick: 13 Everlasting Kiss

Price: IDR 69.000 – Expired 060317
Description: Ultra-soft, Smooth, Shine, Versatile, Delicate, Tender, Alluring, Moisturized.
I ever tried shade 03 Artful Amethyst and 12 Nudist Freak, and my favorie is 12 Nudist Freak. Glad they don’t sent me the shade that I have. Will try this one later.

Eyeliner Pencil : Brown Latte

Price: IDR 80.000 – Expired June 15
Description: Tender, Intense and Waterproof Colours.
 I have Black Jack before, and yes the description is really true. I really like this one, but I prefer gel eyeliner. Hope MAKEOVER will produce it soon hehee.

They also sent me a voucher.

The voucher valid until 31 August 2014.
I can’t use this because I already overbudget this month!!! If only the voucher last until mid of september, I could use it. So I give it to my friends.

That’s all the prize I got. I’m really happy, can’t describe  it in words.
Wait for my review ya (≧Ļ‰≦)

Thank you MAKEOVER
 šŸ’» www.makeoverforall.com
 ✉ beautybeyondrules@gmail.com
šŸ“± @makeoverid


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