[HAUL] What is new on October?

Hello guys

This time post is about Haul in October month. But I will only post about new products I bought, not repurchased items. Well not a high-end products cause I bought nendoroid which cost 3-5 times more expensive than MAC lipstick. HAHAHAH now you all know  my other hobby.

Some of product below are already I tried this month, some are still untouched.

PONDS - Pimple Care Gel
It's not a new product from PONDS. I bought this to help me reduces pimple, acne cause after I dye my hair by myself some of liquid touched my face and the area produce more acne. I already use this since this early month. My brother also use this, will review it soon^^

Wet n Wild Ultimate Match Liquid Foundation SPF 15
Bought this just because I only  have 1 foundation, and want to try other foundation. Even in fact I rarely use foundation.

NYX The Sex Bomb Shadow Palette
Since it released I'm really attracted with the red color. Finally I buy this, after found the cheapest price I can find in online shop of course it's original item. Cause I did some research before I buy at that online shop.

Bliv - off with those head (sample)

Pixy Matte & Bright Facial Foam and Pixy Matte & Bright Cleaning Express
Don't know why I bought this, maybe because the packaging is my favorite color 'purple' ? HAHAAA Haven't tried it.

Pixy Anti Acne Facial Foam
Bought this because of the 'Anti Acne' words.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick - Nude Mocha &
This one is released since early year. I just have interest to buy them now , I think this lipstick series is the cheapest from all maybelline products.

Maybelline Color Show Eyeliner - Noble Purple
Never have before eyeliner with other color besides black and brown. Other reason us because I like purple color, don't care is that dark purple, light purple, as long it is purple.

Himalaya Herbals Puryfing Neem Mask
Bought this because I'm curious to try out and now OMG I really love this mask, sure will review them soon.

Naive Kracie Facial Cleansing Foam Green Tea
Bought this because that was on sale. Already use this twice.

Sugarpot Wax - Matcha
 I have read a lot review of this wax, luckily the owner contacted me to try this product and I chose this varian because I love Matcha

Pixy Radiant Finish Spot Care Beauty

Ponds Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel
The new product of ponds, I bought this because it's gel. Already tried them 3 times.

I think most of you really familiar with products I bought, since it's really easy to find.
Thank you for reading (^__^)


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  1. Ohh I would love to try Pixy and Pony beauty products! ^ ^


  2. Great blog♥^^

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥

    My Blog: http://juliemcqueen.blogspot.com

  3. So many interesting items! ^.^
    The UK recently started selling Ponds products~ can't wait for your revue won the pimple care gel~ Great post


  4. they used to have Pond's in my country, but for some reason they have discontinued selling it here :( you look like you really had a great haul!! :D #giglove

  5. That's a great haul! Can you do a review on the NYX eyeshadow palette please?

    Reflection of Sanity

  6. Sugarpot Wax? Is that a hair product? I have never seen this brand around but I am loving the packaging!

    Btw sweetie, I am so sorry but you may want to lay off your URL (website) in the comment body on my blog as it will cause your comment to be marked as spam :(


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