Finally I publish this post, this one already in draft since end of february 2014. I don't remember that I wrote this before. ( ;∀;)


I'm really into kaomoji fashion lately.
And my favorite model I like from that style is Rinrin,  Amoyamo, Mimmam so many laa.

I really like Amo's hair. It's 2 (or 3) tone hair color. Another reason because her hair color is really pretty .

I'm planning to dye it like her. But, since I don't know will it suits my face or not. I give it a try with wig first. With wig I will know does the colour suits me or not. 

I was looking for online web store that sells wig. And finally I found this store: Kyouko . The store sells so many lolita wigs. And I saw so many cute wigs from the display. Feels like I wanna bought them all. But, since I never buy it before, I only bought one item first. If the quality is good I will buy more later. Even I heard many good opinion about this wig, I won't trust the opinions before I try it by myself.

So after looking, searching and thinking in all that beautiful colors. This is what I choose

 I place my order in shop that I trust. It came 3 weeks after the Pre-Order closed.

Length: 65cm
Colour: 2 tone (Lilac mixed Brown)
Included hair net.
Price: Rp 285.000 the price may be vary depends on where you buy it

My first impression about this wig was:
I feel dissastifaction with this wig. Because this wig is so shiny. Really different from the catalogue.
And I need to cut the bangs to make it looks like in the display. At first I was thinking not to cut the bangs but after so much thinking I decided to cut the bangs.

This wig is so smooth. And when I try to comb it there is no much fall out and no tangle at all. The volume is, I would say this is thin to medium.  Okay I feel calm a bit. But for the shiny-ness is still not forgiveable in my opinion. Even I know you can make it less shiny by pouring powder on it. However with or without pouring it, everyone can know it's a wig because of it's color hehe.

This how the wig looks on me

The lilac color looks more shown up in real rather in catalog.

Will I buy another wig from this brand?
I think this brand sells high quality wigs. Maybe I will buy more in the future with different color or different style.

After edit the picture, the colors looks almost same like in catalog

What do you want for my next wig review?



  1. That's a beautiful hair color!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post up:
    www.cherryblossomstreet.com -Swedish model and Fashion blogger in Tokyo

  2. amazing color of wig~ and u look so sweer~♥
    Thanks for sharing!
    My Blog ♥ New Review
    Follow Back ♥ Just Let Me Know

  3. Great review! I love the colors~ the lilac color at the top is gorgeous *u* The wig looks fantastic on you ^^ Thank you for sharing.
    ~Kiyomi <3

  4. That hair is really really lovely and cute, fits you awesomenly, you're really pretty too!!

    Visit my page, sure you'll love it :DD

  5. Wow, it looks very good on you.. I like it :-) GiG

  6. Love that wig! The color style is so beautiful... kinda makes me wish I would have long hair :D


  7. wow, this colour looks lovely on you! I wish I could dye my hair lilac but it's so fine and thin that it would destroy it :(

    Lauren x

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  9. i love your hair!!!! I can never use a wig myself cos my hair is too thick and unruly >.< giglove

  10. Lovely wig! I wish I can curl my hair like that. With my natural super straight hair, it's almost impossible to create such a great curl like the wig but I don't like wearing one. It looks perfect on you, girl! :)


  11. Ooo!! That Wig looks lovely on your skin tone!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  12. Wigs look so trendy nowadays >< Haven't got the chance to try :(
    Anw nice post! Thanks for sharing ^^


  13. Love it! The color and the cut are so fun and so flattering. Great pick! <3 GIGLove

  14. wowza this is so pretty!! I want the wig too!

  15. i love the ombre effect on this wig! it suits you

  16. The colour of the wig is so pretty and special!! =)

  17. the color is pretty creative and original, but it suits you perfectly.

  18. the color of the wig is perfect!!! love the gradient coloring. GIG

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  19. Great post. The color suits you well.
    gig love http://www.icynosure.in/

  20. Oh, lovely! I must try a wig similar to this, too. I hope you wont mind. I just use a wig for my bangs if I want to sport one. Now I have a new idea. Thanks!

  21. Wow that wig actually looks very realistic! :D It also looks great on you!

  22. omg love the hair colour so much and it fit you perfectly!! :D


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