[REVIEW] Coshappyon Wig In Beige

by - Friday, October 10, 2014

 Originally posted on 10 October 2013

Hello, I buy wig again this month. The wig I buy is from same brand like I post in my 1st post. If you read my wishlist, this wig is one of it. I'll write review again about wig from Coshappyon brand. In this chance will use english (≧∇≦)
Coming with Coshappyon default package, a box from Coshappyon with JNE plastic.

a bit damaged. But, everything inside was okay
What I ordered? a wig and wig softener. And for the booklet, you will get it every purchase.
If compared with the catalogue on facebook the color is more softer. FYI, all wig in Coshappyon imported from Japan, China, and Korea.
See something different from the previous review? In the plastic for wig, there's printed the wig information we order also Coshappyon info. 

Details : 
Sorry for not take this picture with flash, but I ever took one and yeah of course it's shiny enough. But it's still look okay.

What I like from this wig is :
 ☑ Cheap 
☑ Good Quality
☑ Easy to brush

Dislike :
☒ The wig cap is small

This is my honest opinion. I don't ged paid from this review

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