[REVIEW] Kemmy’s Kitchen : Homemade Sugar Scrub : Coffee


 Finally have break time this week. I’m really tired this past day, because of my hectic activity this past weeks. And now I need time to relax! 

Introducing to you, homemade body scrub that I’ve used almost 2 months. 
Homemade product by Kemmy’s Kitchen. 

Kemmy’s Kitchen produces so many variants of Sugar scrub.
Sugar scrub aromatherapy :
(c) Kemmy's Kitchen
Sugar scrub aromatherapy with more function: 
(c) Kemmy's Kitchen

I bought 2 variants: Chocolate and Coffee. 
Chocolate varian scent is like  energen chocolate *you know that cereal drinks* and Coffee varian scent is just like coffee. But this time review is only about Coffee variant. 

Homemade Sugar Scrub by Kemmy’s Kitchen is made from Sugar as the main ingredient,  Oat, Rice, Olive Oil,  Fragrance Oil, and Coffee powder. All ingredients is from Nature! Which made it safe for all skin type without side effect.

Homemade Sugar Scrub by Kemmy’s Kitchen can be used for body scrub and also lip scrub. But for lipscrub I prefer product by Gulaco because the product is edible. 

 The packaging is made from plastic jar contains 250gr of product, the design is simple but pretty cute. What made it pretty cute is because the polkadot fabric on the lid and the simple cute design on the sticker that sticks on the jar. 

Can last for 2-3 months, as long you don't smell bad smell. Store in room, don't let it exposed by the sun.
When you open the lid you will see the plug, which made it safe during shipping. Because the plug can prevent the contents from scattered.

More function of Sugar Srub in coffeee variant it also can reduce appearance of cellulit.
The texture of the product is powdery, you must mix it with water first before use it. You can smell the coffee scent, but it won't last. When you wash your body, the coffee scent is also gone together with dust and your stress and now you can enjoy your day again!

☺ Cute packaging
☺ Affordable price
☺Easy to use
☺Remove dead skin
☺ Moisturizing skin
☹ The jar is easily dented

Overall I really like the product because of the function and the good smell during my bath time. Also the cute packaging made it can be used as a gift to your friend, your couple and whoever you want!


  1. sekarang produk kecantikan homemade lagi booming yah, aku kemarin baru nyobain milkbath natural green.. bagus sih bikin cerah dan halus..
    kayaknya sugar scrub ini patut di coba ^^
    nice review dear ^_^

    ♥ Pinastika Beauty Blog ♥

    1. Kayaknya pernah denger tuh kak milkbath, mau nyobain juga ah^^

  2. Mmmm chocolate and coffee...that sounds delicious and lovely!

    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    Let me know if you do so I can follow back!
    Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

  3. hello, i've nominated you for Liebster Award, kindly check my post http://lucyyliu.blogspot.com/2014/09/first-liebster-award.html

    nice to know you :(

    1. Thankyou for nominated me. Will post the answer once I have free time.
      Nice to know you♥

  4. lagi booming banget ya product scrub ini..
    jadi pengen nyobain deh..
    nice review :)

    1. Iya kak clara, cobain deh hihi^^
      makasih udah mampir ;)


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