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This is my last post in september. This time I'm gonna post a review product for hair, still made from natural ingredients. Honestly, I'm really lazy to shampooing my hair because of the thick hair made it took long time until it dry -_-
This time product review is from Rub and Rinse Hair Treatment with Groovy Grape variant.

Rub and Rinse Hair Treatment available in 5 variant, and have their own function:

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The packaging itself made from plastic jar, when I received the packaging there is some dent part. I think during the shipping there is any leak, but when I received this the leak fluid is already dried.

 My main reason bought this was because the simple and still a cute packaging. The lace and polcadot pattern also the font style which is interesting. It contains 350ml and I've been using this more than 2 months, usually I use this once or twice in one week. Now there is still  some left, even my hair is thick ^_^

The lace is covering the lid of the jar, there is no barrier before the lid. So that is maybe one of the reason of the leaked T_T

Ingredients of Rub and Rinse Hair Treatment:

How to use Rub and Rinse Hair Treatment:

 Texture of this hair mask is viscous with the scent of bubble gum. Unfortunately the scent of this product is quickly disappear if you do a lot of activities whick make your scalp become sweat. But if you don't do much activity, the scent will last about 4 days.

Function from this Groovy Grape variant is : Stimulate hair to grow, Smoothen your hair, Prevent hair from fall out. Every time I comb my hair there is always so many fall out even before I dye or bleach them. 
After using this I feel my hair condition is more smooth, and slowly reduced fall out of my hair.

Overaall, I like this one because is made from natural ingredients, the fresh scent of it. Unfortunately the scent won't last if you do so many activities. Price is only 50.000 ID

See you on next post ^_^!


  1. produk homemade yang kamu review bagus baguus, ada saran ga kalo mau lipscrub dan face mask beli yang manaa?


    1. kalau lipscrub aku biasanya pakai gulacl sebelumnya pakai etudehouse lip scrub. Face mask aku pakai kose buat ngangkat komedo, mask sheet akhir² ini pakai garnier sakura white sebelumnya pakai my beauty diary mask :)


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