[REVIEW] Jar Of Beauty : Tinted Lipbalm - Red Butter Cookies

Morning σΎ€€

So my university life just started about 2 days ago, but today is day off because today is graduation day for my seniors. Congrats y’all! Now here I am still confusing about what topic for my future thesis ( ; _ ; )

I’m going to share about one of homemade product from Jar of Beauty brand. Last time I reviewed their Cream Blush, this time is about their Tinted Lipbalm. Variant I choose is Red Butter Cookies. 

 Comes with carton box packaging with tube inside contains 10ml of product without ingredients list or expired date. But I asked the seller, she said the expired date is 1 year. The white tube, wrapped with variant of the product inside. When you take out the tube, you can feel that inside the tube is really full infused. It is good that the mouth of tube is small, so I can control the amount of product. And the packaging itself also travel friendly. 

 The color is really pigmented and you can smell the variant. Mine is really smell like cookies, but it’s not tasted like cookies *yeah I lick it*. You can spread the product using brush or finger *remember to wash your hand before*. But I usually spread it using cottonbud. When you drink, it will leave stain in the straw or your glass.. so you need to retouch. But a little retouch won’t hurt, right? 

excuse my bare lips (;__;)
I don't edit this picture, only crop it.

The color result also really natural in real life, and one important thing is not made my lips dry (≧▽≦). This tinted lipbalm only lasted about 2-3 hours on my lips. 

Overall, I like this product because of the natural result but I think they must printed the ingredients list on the box or maybe they must give little guide note just like other homemade product that I ever tried before.

 Thank you for drop by! (*__*)


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  1. I love tinted lip balms and this looks like a fabulous one. Beautiful! <3 GIGLove

  2. May I know will it too oily? giglove

    1. It's not oily at all. I can say this the texture is watery. Thankyou for visit ^_^

  3. Oh wow I love the packaging on these! Very sweet-chic, I love it already.
    Cookie-scented lip tint, I want it so much! haha ^^
    Though you said it only lasted for about 2-3 hours? Was that with eating/drinking or without? I wonder whether I should invest in this just for the scent as I'm already happy with my innisfree and peripera tints ^^
    GIG Love!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. I really love the scent ♡
      It last about 2 or 3 hours without eating, thankyou for visit^^

  4. I just love this packaging- it's so cute! And color looks really natural, which is something I would choose!

    I'm following you, so follow back :)


  5. the colour is natural like you said. id definitely wear this to work

    1. I'm wearing this everyday. Thankyou for drop by (≧▽≦)

  6. I like the colour.... not to bright, and not too dull.......... GigLove

  7. mmm the colour look sweet,,,and it really moisten your lip!

  8. Seems like a nice colour!! But I wish it were a shade deeper!!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  9. The lip colour really does gives off a great shade!! Nice! =)

  10. Such a wonderful & thorough review of this product! This is definitely something I would buy!

  11. wow the color is great, it fits you great and I can only imagine the good smell. Great review

  12. Wow. Seems like a good product. I never heard this brand before. Great post.


  13. Ahhh tinted lip balm. Best invention ever! looks lovely on you :)


  14. Ahhh tinted lip balm. Best invention ever! looks lovely on you :)


  15. Oh pretty! Say hello to school again, sweet! I started my classes as well and I know how things will soon get busy.

    I like the tinted balm but I agree with you that at least they must list down the ingredients of their product.


  16. congrats on starting your uni life! and i love this tinted lipbalm colour! very pretty!


  17. Such a beautiful colour!

    GIG love

  18. I just made the review of Jar of Beauty Cream Blusher on my blog ^^
    And also had an eye on their tinted balm, the cotton candy one ^^
    this red butter cookies looks good on youu :)

    Fairuz Inas


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