Hey. I'm back again with review.
This post will review about MIZZU product. Which is eyeliner and mascara.
This a local product from Indonesia

I will start the review.
First, the eyeliner. Comin' with simple and also elegant packaging.
See? It's really simple. You can bring it to anywhere you want, doesn't need much space.

And this the mascara.

What I like from this product is the price, easy to apply, the applicator also smooth. For the staying power is just so so. It's waterproof but not smudgeproof.

Repurchase? Yes, I will buy it, in case I will wear it for daily use or an uninformal event.


  1. Aku punya mascaranya tapi g terlalu suka soalnya ga terlalu nebelin :(. tapi pingin coba eyelinernya sih. kalo di buat wudu ilang engga?
    @my blog :D


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