Hey, sorry for inactive in this blog. Really busy with college life,
Okay I'm back with review, and yes this review is about wig again. The colour of wig is smoke pink [pink wig again (*^^)v], hope you all will read this review till end.

This wig is imported from China, bought it from taobao at this site.
I bought it via Blackcherry Shop. That owner shop is really kind and friendly, and also if I compare it  with other shop is really cheap (☆∀☆) 

Hey how about we start it? 

The wig color in reality is a bit brighter and also thicker rather in their website display. 

I'm bit worries about some statement from the forum that this wig brand is thin and get tangle so easily. So, when this wig arrived, I'm checked everything and I was happy everything is okay. Not as bad as some people said in the forum.
The wig is so  smooth. I really love the color. But the cap isn't big, lol or maybe my head just really really big and maybe because my hair really bold. So it takes more long time, for  made me comfortable to wearing this wig. But that's not a big problem, I should cut my hair later (^^ゞ)
beautiful curl

without flash, normal lighting
under flash
with autoflash
Rating for the wig :♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

I don't get paid from this post review. From coswig8 or Blackcherry Shop. I bought this with my own  money. This review is my honest  opinion, no one get involved.


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